Zion Williamson and Moriah Mills video leaked on Twitter and Reddit

Zion Williamson and Moriah Mills video leaked on Twitter and Reddit (watch full video)

Zion Williamson and Moriah Mills Video Leaked Trending on Twitter and other social media platforms – here’s who posted it and what it’s about.

On Twitter there are many viral videos like Zion Williamson and Moriah Mills Video Leaked Trending. Twitter allows NSFW content as long as you tag it, so there’s a ton of ridiculous content out there.

Zion Williamson found himself in hot waters this week. After announcing that Williamson and girlfriend Ahkeema were expecting a baby girl, Williamson soon found himself called out by Moriah Mills.

Zion Williamson Gets Exposed By Adult Film Star Moriah Mills

Mills, an 0nlyf0ns content creator and music artist, called out Williamson for managing her and planning to move her to New Orleans. All the while, she alleges she had no idea Williamson was preparing to father a child.

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In a series of fiery Tweets, Mills gave details of their relationship, alleging that they had been romantically involved as recently as last week.

After Moriah Mills went public that she thought she was pregnant too, Zion Williamson’s girlfriend Ahkeema, with whom he is expecting a child, responded. From the sounds of things, she’s not bothered by Mills’ recent claims, writing:

“Happy hoes don’t hate and hating hoes ain’t happy.”

This prompted a response from Mills, who wrote that Ahkeema was not on his level. So far, no word on how Zion is taking the situation or his thoughts. In a Gender Reveal video posted to YouTube, the NBA star addressed his unborn child directly, saying:

Baby, you’re gonna see this at some point. I don’t know what the future holds, but mom and dad love you. If you don’t know anything else in this world, know that mom and dad love you for life.”

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