Zack Lefave family: mother Lorna and stepfather Darren Fitzgerald

The unwavering strength and unity of the Zack Lefave family in the face of uncertainty has inspired their community during this difficult time.

Two years have passed since the disappearance of Zachery Lefave, 22, of Hebron, Nova Scotia, and the matter is still under investigation by the Nova Scotia RCMP.

Lefave was last seen walking down the highway. 334 in Plymouth, Nova Scotia in the early hours of January 2021. Despite the efforts of investigators and the community, many questions surrounding his disappearance remain unanswered.

Zack Lefave’s family are desperate for answers and endure a difficult and emotional year since his disappearance.

In this article, we’ll delve into the disappearance of Zack Lefave and explore the experiences and emotions of his mother, Lorna Lefave, and stepfather, Darren Fitzgerald.

Zack Lefave’s family seeks answers to his disappearance

The Zack Lefave family has been tirelessly searching for answers and trying to turn the page since his disappearance two years ago.

Lefave’s disappearance on New Year’s Day in 2021 sent shock waves through the community of Hebron, Nova Scotia.

He reportedly spoke on the phone at the time, leaving his family and friends puzzled and worried about his sudden disappearance.

The Nova Scotia RCMP launched an investigation into the disappearance of Zachery Lefave immediately after he went missing. Over the past two years, investigators have followed numerous tips and leads, but Zachery Lefave’s fate remains unknown.

The community has come together to support the investigation, contributing $30,000 to a reward for any information that may shed light on his disappearance.

Zack Lefave’s mother: who is Lorna?

Lorna Lefave, Zachery Lefave’s mother, has been grappling with the painful reality of her son’s disappearance for two years.

The holidays, in particular, have been an empty and heartbreaking time for Lorna and her family as they yearn for answers about Zach’s whereabouts.

The absence of laughter, hugs, and Zach’s physical presence cast a shadow over their lives, making every day a constant reminder of the void left by his passing.

Lorna Lefave describes the past year as “pretty much hell”, highlighting the pain and anguish the family has endured since Zach disappeared. Days blur and life seems to lose its familiar rhythm.

As the world moves on, the Lefave family remains trapped in uncertainty and grief, clinging desperately to hope that one day they will find the answers they seek.

Meet Zack Lefave’s stepfather, Darren Fitzgerald

Darren Fitzgerald, Zachery Lefave’s stepfather, has been an integral part of the family’s journey since Zach’s disappearance.

Alongside Lorna, he faced the unimaginable pain and challenges of not knowing what happened to their beloved son. Zach’s disappearance has affected Darren deeply, leaving a void that cannot be filled until they have answers.

Fitzgerald stood by Lorna’s side as they weathered the long and difficult days since Zach’s disappearance. He has been a pillar of strength for the family, providing support and comfort during this difficult time.

The love and bond between Zach’s stepfather and mother was key in helping them deal with the emotional toll of the situation.

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