YouTube star blasts Harry and Meghan’s ‘terrible work ethic’

YouTube star Shalon Lester has fired back at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, claiming the royal couple “insulted” her in their self-titled Netflix series over the past 12 months.

In December, Lester, known as Harry and Meghan’s Netflix, presented a “bullfest” after an episode suggested she was part of a coordinated trolling marketing campaign against the royal couple.

The outspoken influencer is now known as a legal professional and promises to “nail down” the allegations.

“Believe me when I say that I took every opportunity to nail him to the wall about it,” she said.

“This is defamation, slander, misrepresentation. And do you know what else it is? Wrong information,” she added.

YouTube star Shalon Lester (pictured) has hit out at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, claiming she was “insulted” by the royal couple in their self-titled Netflix series over the past 12 months.

“Believe me when I say I’m going to take every opportunity to nail them to the wall,” Shalon raved on YouTube this week. Harry and Meghan are featured in the Netflix collection

Challon went on to mock the royal family for turning down a $20 million Spotify deal, accusing Markle of having a “terrible work ethic.”

“The reality TV duchess, briefcase girl that she may be, has backed out of her $20 million, 12-episode podcast deal with Spotify,” Lester announced.

And now that Spotify has eased ties with him, it seems everyone is coming out of the woodwork to decry the pair’s terrible work ethic. (their) respectable, quirky, self-congratulatory perspective and basic implausibility.

“You have a Spotify manager they call f***n grifters. That’s a direct quote,” she pointed out, referring to Bill Simmons’ current comments about Markle.

And even UTA, the United Talent Agency, Hollywood’s giant think tank, is the pinnacle of saying, “I don’t think they’re that talented.”

“The word talent is literally in the name of the company he runs, and he says, ‘No, they don’t have that,'” Chalon laughed.

Challon went on to mock the royals for turning down a $20 million Spotify deal, accusing Markle of having a “terrible work ethic.”

The social media star additionally mocked Meghan and Harry for the current report, which claimed that Netflix has once again caught up with several of their current stages.

The WSJ said the pair had suggested discoveries that were too similar to already standard Netflix discoveries, similar to sitcoms like Emily in Paris, yet “about a man,” and a gift for LGBTQ characters similar to Heartstopper.

“Have you heard about some of the horse ideas they’ve come up with?” said Shalon.

“Emilie in Paris, just a guy. Emily in Paris? Emmett in Paris? No one needs such a show,” she noted.

“It seems that now that Spotify has cut ties with him, everyone is coming out of the woodwork to decry this couple’s terrible work ethic,” Shalon said.

The social media star additionally mocked Meghan and Harry for the current report that claims that Netflix has once again hit several of their current presentations.

Shallon has been at loggerheads with the pair since 12 months after Harry and Meghan included footage from one of her films in their Netflix collection, which was seen as a phase where the pair are suffering from a trolling conspiracy.

The episode, which aired in Harry and Meghan episode 5, featured Algorithms of Oppression creator Sophie Noble and Bot Sentinel CEO Christopher Bowsey claiming a “coordinated” online marketing campaign to spread “hateful propaganda” against the Sussexes.

Bot Sentinel analyzed 1,000 negative tweets about Harry and Meghan and found that a large number of tweets came from a small group of individuals, including Meghan’s estranged half-sister Samantha Markle.

“They were actively recruiting individuals. To tell individuals the correct way to create multiple accounts. It’s insane. And it was completed by people who were just not standard ‘trolls,'” Bouzy said in the episode.

“It’s the housewives, it’s the middle-aged white women who constantly come up with attacks from ‘go back to America’ to basically ‘why don’t you die.’

Shallon is known as the couple’s Netflix documentary ‘bullfest’ and ‘pathetic fiction’ after suggesting she was part of the collection’s ‘coordinated drag campaign’.

“As usual, nothing these two say is true. Every ‘report’ in this documentary is pure pathetic fiction, not even good enough for a rerun of Suits,” Challon angrily declared in December.

During the phase, a compilation was made with Lester and Sky News Australia contributor Daisy Cousens of several YouTubers criticizing Markle.

Lester responded to the horrific claims, telling Daily Mail Australia at the time that it was all a “pathetic fabrication”.

“I have never created content from an account other than my own or encouraged anyone to create content for them. If I did, where? YouTube? Let me see. How did I influence millions to molest Meghan and Harry and no one can find a shred of proof? she announced in December.

“As usual, nothing these two say is true. Every ‘report’ about this documentary is pure pathetic fabrication that doesn’t even make sense for a rerun of Suits.”

“Showing an excerpt from my video in this segment makes it clear that I am one of those 83 undercover operators, although the reality is much more mundane: Meghan and Harry are highly unlikely and no one needs to be part of a conspiracy to see that.

“They just suck and everybody can see it. Megan can play the race card all she wants — a lot of black people have lived through her verses, too. Her idea of ​​solving racism takes it all on herself. Some people really struggle.

“They just suck and everyone can see it. Meghan can play the race card all she wants – a lot of black people are over her dick too,” Shalon fumed.

Shalon, who says she was never contacted by Netflix to make the remark and even knew her about being featured in the docuseries, said she is considering an authorized motion.

“This is libelous, defamatory and I am discussing legal action with my team against Meghan and Harry and Christopher Bowsey, the CEO of Bot Sentinel, for presenting his baseless statements as fact,” she stated.

“I challenge anyone involved in this documentary to prove these shadow network claims.

“The very fact that they assume there’s a global conspiracy against them is exactly why everyone despises them so much.

They’re paranoid and self-aggrandizing and can’t fathom the idea that their bland, grounded victim stories make them subversive, creepy villains. That simple.’

Bouzy claims in Netflix’s Harry & Meghan that his company has reviewed 114,000 tweets, which he says came from 82 accounts, reaching 17 million people.

A former Star magazine editor, Shalon has nearly 350,000 subscribers on YouTube and is known for his celebrity advice videos.

Referring to the Bot Sentinel report, a 2021 Twitter spokesperson told HuffPost: “Of the more than 50 accounts cited in the report, our teams have taken action against four accounts for violations of our platform manipulation and spam policies, meaning many of these accounts are actually managed by unique individuals.

“There is currently no evidence of widespread coordination, the use of multiple accounts by the same person, or other platform manipulation tactics.”

They also suggested that the time period “bot” is commonly abused, as well as discussing them with accounts that people disagree with.

Daily Mail Australia contacted Netflix and Bot Sentinel for a note on the timing.

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