Xbox introduces new PINK model Xbox delights in a Barbie movie – but there’s a huge catch

It’s part of the highly-anticipated summer season blockbusters, and now even Xbox is getting in on the Barbie hype.

The gaming giant has unveiled a new pink model of its Xbox Series S console to celebrate the film’s imminent release.

“From her dream home to her dream closet, Barbie’s iconic style is unmatched,” explains Xbox.

“Now you can add her fashion genius to your gaming settings.”

Unfortunately, the brand new console comes with a catch: it can’t be purchased, and as an alternative, only a few lucky followers may have a chance to win it next month.

Xbox has unveiled a new pink model of its Xbox Series S console to celebrate the upcoming release of the movie

An impossibly shiny pink console at the entrance reads “Barbie.”

Plus, the console is built into the lower flooring of the gorgeous three-story Barbie Dreamhouse.

The second and third floors respectively house Barbie’s lounge and bedroom, each of which is (obviously) decorated entirely in pink.

Xbox has additionally revealed 5 interchangeable faceplates for the Xbox Wireless Controller designed after Barbie and Ken’s completely different outfits on the display screen.

Unfortunately, the Barbie-inspired Xbox Series S and controller faceplates aren’t usually available on the market, but it’s likely to be part of an exciting giveaway next month.

“Fans have a chance to win starting July 10 on @Xbox and Microsoft Rewards,” Xbox added.

Despite not being available for purchase, several ardent followers have taken to Twitter to discuss the brand new devices.

“Wait why is this making me switch from Playstation to Xbox,” one consumer wrote.

Another added: “I’m not even a console gamer but I need this immediately.”

And one mentioned: “Playstation drop the oppenheimer ps5 now.”

The information comes shortly after Warner Bros Entertainment released a freeware called Barbie selfie generator which turns your pictures into Barbie movie posters.

To test the software yourself, click Start and you’ll be prompted to take or add a photo of yourself.

Once you’re happy with your selection, click Continue, and your selfie is likely to become a movie poster.

To transfer an image, select the arrow on the right side and you will zoom in or out and transfer the selfie from the left to the right.

The software robotically selects a slogan for you, something like “This Barbie is an Optimist” or “This Barbie is an Astronaut.”

However, for those who are not satisfied with their queue, you will be able to edit it by clicking on the pencil icon and typing your favorite slogan in the text content field.

If you want your poster to be Ken, you can even customize it under the pencil icon.

Finally, you’ll be able to choose to change the color of the glow behind you by clicking on the palette icon on the right side.

When you’re happy with your poster, click Continue and you’ll also be given the option to own or share it on social media.


April 4, 1975 Microsoft founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen

June 25, 1981 Microsoft raises

November 1983 Implemented Microsoft Windows

November 1985 Microsoft Windows model 1.0 has been launched

February 26, 1986 Microsoft is moving to its corporate campus in Redmond, Washington, where it is currently located

March 13, 1986 Microsoft shares go public

August 1, 1989 Microsoft introduces the oldest model of the Office productivity suite

August 24, 1995 Microsoft releases Windows 95

1995 – Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, becomes the richest man on earth at the age of 39, and at that time he owned 12.9 billion dollars.

October 25, 2001 Microsoft releases Windows XP

November 15, 2001 Microsoft launches Xbox

October 21, 2003 Microsoft releases the Microsoft Office system

November 22, 2005 Microsoft releases the Xbox 360

January 30, 2007 Microsoft releases Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system to customers worldwide

June 28, 2011 Microsoft launches Office 365

April 24, 2019 Microsoft becomes the third company in the world with a market value of more than 1 trillion USD

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