Who was Kouri Richins’ husband, Eric Richins? Family and children

Eric Richins is the husband of Kouri Richins. Kouri is a Utah-born author recently charged with the murder of her husband, Eric Richins.

Kouri, the author of heartbreak, has been accused of murdering her husband, Eric Richins, by doping a Moscow mule with fentanyl.

What is more striking is that Kouri reportedly researched the internet on topics such as “luxury prisons for the rich in america,” And “Net worth of Kouri Richins Kamas.”

She also searched “What is considered an unnatural mode of death“, and details about naloxone’s similarity to heroin, which is used to reverse opioid overdoses.

Prosecutors presented these search history details as evidence of a potential involvement in the death.

The sketch does not end there although she continued to write a book about raising children as a widow, focusing on coping with grief. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Who was Kouri Richins’ husband, Eric Richins?

Eric Richins was the husband of Kouri Richins, the Utah heartbreak author who is accused of murdering him.

The incident happened when Eric drank a Moscow mule prepared by Kouri. She now faces charges of poisoning her husband with fentanyl.

Startling details have emerged suggesting that Kouri had taken out life insurance policies worth nearly $2 million on her husband without his knowledge.

Additionally, she allegedly secured $250,000 in home equity and withdrew $100,000 from her bank accounts.

Court documents have revealed that shortly before his death, Eric told a friend that he was concerned about Kouri’s intentions to harm him, when he fell ill after a Valentine’s Day meal.

Despite her portrayal as a grieving widow in the children’s book on grief, Kouri Richins now finds herself embroiled in her husband’s untimely death.

According to Greg Skordas, a spokesperson for the Richins, the more Kouri’s details emerge, the clearer it is that his actions were motivated by financial gain.

Danielle Cohen-Higgins, a litigator, suggests that Kouri meticulously planned her husband’s death,

Higgins further hinted that it would not be surprising if the state pursued the death penalty in this case.

Read more about Kouri Richins: family and children

It is mentioned that Kouri Richins wrote a book about raising children as a widow, indicating that she has children.

And yes, she is blessed with three sons, Carter, Ashton and Weston Richins, whom she had with her late husband, Eric.

Following news of Kouri Richins’ arrest on social media, many people searched online for information about her children.

Written by Kouri, a children’s book titled “are you with me?deals with themes of loss, death and sadness. It revolves around young children mourning the loss of their father.

Interestingly, the author wrote this book a year after the death of her own husband, Eric Richins.

The author clarified that her personal experience of losing her husband served as the inspiration behind the novel.

However, the book has been removed from the Amazon platform following the recent allegations.

Prosecutors argue she killed her husband for financial gain and then wrote the book to cover up her crime.

Kouri’s husband, Eric, was discovered dead at their residence in March 2022 after consuming a Moscow mule allegedly prepared by Kouri.

His attorneys said the state has changed the charging information and has yet to provide necessary supporting evidence.

Therefore, they were not sufficiently prepared to discuss the sufficiency of the evidence at that time.

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