Who was Jalayah Eason Autopsy reports, mother Lynija Eason faces charges!

Jalayah Eason Autopsy Reports: Jalayah Eason, a six-year-old American child, was found in a coma in her Brooklyn apartment. Eason was found unconscious and had injuries all over her torso, particularly on her hands, according to reports. Moreover, the small child was found in the early hours of Friday in the people’s filthy house. Follow our Media website for the latest updates!!!!!

How did Jalayah Eason die?

Lydia Eason, her mother, called 911 from their home on the 12th floor of the Forest Homes, a NYCHA unit on East 165th Street, after discovering her child dead and immobile in a closet. Lynija also said she performed CPR on her child, but he remained unresponsive.

Jalayah Eason Autopsy Reports

Help arrived 15 minutes well after contact, and Jalayah was taken to a medical center where she was later pronounced dead. While the inquest continues, the coroner’s findings for Jalayah Eason have yet to be released. So everyone is eagerly awaiting Eason’s autopsy.

Death Reports of Jalayah Eason

At the end of the investigation, it will be possible to determine if charges of manslaughter really should be brought in the case. Eason’s mother is currently accused of endangering her two other children by neglecting and hurting them. No further proceedings are planned after Jalayah’s autopsy.

Jalayah Eason’s mother Lynija Eason faces charges

On the basis of a law enforcement official, they are also awaiting the medical inspector’s report. To learn more about this case, keep reading until the conclusion of the article. Lynija Eason, the mother of Jalayah Eason, has already been arrested and is therefore pursuing reckless endangerment charges for assaulting and abandoning her two children.

Lynija will also await the conclusion of the possible criminal prosecution. If the medical examiner concludes that Jalayah’s death was a crime, these charges will be filed against the accused. Lynija contacted the New York State Police Department at four a.m. on Friday, May 26, 2023 to complain that her child was not inhaling and that she had a cool physique.

Why was Lynija Eason facing charges?

Officials took the girl to the Lincoln Clinic, after which she was pronounced dead when they reached the East 165th Street apartment. Jalayh Eason’s latest trial showed his accused mother was handed a suspended sentence on Tuesday. Lynija is said to be fitted with an ankle bracelet before being taken home to await the decision on the likely manslaughter charge.

Accordingly, further details will be amended pending the results of the investigation. Additionally, Eason’s case has been discussed at length on social media sites, with all of us exposing the mother involved in her child’s death.


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