Who was Diva Mafunga wife Eustina? Family and children

Who was Diva Mafunga wife Eustina? Diva Mafunga was a renowned gospel musician who recently passed away in a road accident.

In the 1980s, he discovered his passion for music in the outskirts of Mount Darwin. They herded cattle and played banjo and jam.

He started singing in church as his love for music grew, and it wasn’t until 2003 that he made the decision to record some of his songs.

He submitted demo tapes to Gramma Records, but it was unfortunately rejected as they felt his music was unsellable.

His desire to pursue music professionally prompted him to use his money to make his debut album, “Endai Naizvozvo”, at Shed Studios.

Then he returned to Gramma Records to ask them to promote the record for him. At first they hesitated, but after being convinced, they finally agreed.

The album was highly appreciated by the public. He is confident that the sales of the album have been fair, despite the fact that he does not have precise figures.

Who was Diva Mafunga wife Eustina? Family and children

People are curious about Diva Mafunga’s wife, Eustina. The wife of famous gospel performer Diva Mafunga, who died in 2020.

The musician confirmed Eustina’s death and claimed hypertension was to blame.

She was admitted to Chitungwiza Central Hospital. She seemed to be doing better, but another day a call came in informing her family that she had passed away.

The nurses caring for her worked despite the workers’ strike.

Since she was receiving treatment and there were those who had been interned, it cannot be concluded that the strike was to blame. It’s just God’s timing.

We praise God for the dedication of the nurses. Mafunga called the deceased a kind and devoted wife.

Diva Mafunga career details

He developed a fondness for music in the early 1980s. He made a few songs in 2003 and sent demos to Gramma Records.

He was rejected by the management of Gramma Records, who gave the reason why his song did not meet their standards.

Later, he recorded at Shed Studios and released his self-titled debut album.

Endai Naizvozvo, Fambai Nekutenda, Pfuurirai Mberi, Ndicharamba Ndichidana, Spiritual Battle, Zvangu Zvaita and Ndatenda Ndapinda are some of the albums he released.

The late Oliver Mtukudzi was also hired by Diva Mafunga to play on her album “Ndatenda Ndapinda”. “Munana Wekutanga” and “Kutenda Kusina Mabasa” both featured fame.

Both songs are on Mafunga’s seven-track album which was recorded at Diamond Studios. On both tracks, Tuku sang and played acoustic guitar.

As a session musician for that same album, he also hired renowned drummer Obert Gomba, who was a member of Alick Macheso’s Mberikwazvo Orchestra.

Death of Diva Mafunga

We have learned that gospel singer Diva Mafunga has died in a car accident.

When this article was published, there were still few details about the tragedy, but a close family member promised to provide more information later today.

In 2003, Mafunga released her self-titled debut album, which helped launch her career.

According to Charles Charamba, another gospel singer, Mafunga’s passing was a loss for the music industry in general and the gospel genre in particular.

Charamba remarked, “It is quite overwhelming, and it is a shock, indeed, we have lost a good and reliable companion, someone who frankly demonstrated his love for God.”

Diva’s passing saddens us deeply as he was quite eccentric and had developed his own niche in gospel music. May the Lord comfort the children and the whole family.

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