Who Owns Franchi?


Luigi Franchi S.p.A. is an Italian producer of firearms, which is a division of Beretta Holding.

Franchi merchandise embody the military SPAS-12 and SPAS-15, along with the sporting-type long-recoil movement AL-48. The agency manufactures over and beneath, and semi-automatic shotguns.

The agency remained a family enterprise since its founding until 1987, when it was acquired by the business conglomerate Socimi, based in Milan; following Socimi’s chapter in 1993, Franchi was acquired by Beretta Holding which is its current proprietor.

Who Owns Franchi?

Luigi Franchi S.p.A. is owned by Benelli Armi SpA, an Italian firearm producer most interesting recognized for shotguns utilized by military, civilians, and regulation enforcement, located in Urbino, Marche.

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Founded in 1967, as an offshoot of the Benelli bike manufacturing unit that supplied bikes by the Montgomery Ward, the company produces the 12-gauge Benelli M3 utilized by American SWAT teams. Since 2000, Benelli and Benelli USA have been owned by Pietro Beretta SpA.

Many of Benelli’s shotguns take advantage of an inertia-operated system developed by Bruno Civolani. In 1999, the company launched the Benelli M4 Super 90, a gas-operated semi-auto shotgun supposed for the military and regulation enforcement.

The Benelli Super Black Eagle, utilized by the Waterfowlers, was considered one of many first semi-automatic shotguns in a position to firing the 2.75-, 3-, and three.5-inch shotgun shells.

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