Who Owns Cemetery Land?


Wherever human stays are buried or in some other case interred is named a cemetery, burial ground, gravesite, or graveyard. The determine “cemetery,” which was initially used to clarify the Roman catacombs, denotes that the realm is formally designated as a spot of interment. While the phrases “graveyard” and “cemetery” are sometimes used interchangeably, a graveyard is most normally used to clarify a burial web site inside a churchyard.

The act of burying anyone in a grave, additionally known as burial, or in a tomb, normally commonly known as a “above-ground grave” (attempting like a sarcophagus), a mausoleum, columbarium, space of curiosity, or completely different developing is named interment. Memorial suppliers are sometimes held in cemeteries in Western cultures.

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These rituals, normally commonly known as rites of passage, differ counting on native customs and religious beliefs. Modern cemeteries typically attribute crematoria, and some beforehand used grounds nonetheless carry out primarily as crematoria prolonged after the burying components have been used up.

Who Owns Cemetery Land?

Cemeteries are generally owned by a private group or by an space authorities entity. According to Section 711.021 of the Health and Safety Code, nonprofit corporations are permitted to create, administer, protect, enhance, or run a private cemetery.

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