Who is Zander Lyda Sister and where is she now? Meet his mother April Lyda

Zander Lyda’s sister stabbed him to death in their Oklahoma home. The incident attracted massive public and media attention.

Nine-year-old Zander was rushed to hospital and underwent emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the boy could not survive and died from his injuries.

After fatally stabbing her 9-year-old brother in their Oklahoma home, a 12-year-old girl told officers she was hypnotized by ‘demonic st’ in newly released body camera footage.

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Who is Zander Lyda Sister, and where is she now?

Zander Lyda’s older sister stabbed him to death on January 5, 2023. Tulsa police have not released the identity of the 12-year-old.

Police released the photo of the girl taken at a jail in Tulsa, Okia the same month. Zander Lyda’s sister is now in a juvenile facility and receive treatment in Tulsa.

Zander and his older sister lived in an apartment in the St. Thomas Square neighborhood of downtown Tulsa. Zander’s older sister is a college student.

The Tulsa District Attorney’s Office has not released any information regarding the case, including the charges against the college student.

Why did sister Zander Lyda stab him?

Zander Lyda’s case still remains unexplained, as her sister said she didn’t know why she attacked him. According to the parents of the Lyda siblings, she woke them up just before midnight and told them she had stabbed her baby brother.

The shocked parents immediately contacted authorities and reported the incident. Police released footage from body cameras.

The video shows the girl running out to meet them and started to apologize right away. The young girl cries through her tears: “I am so sorry. I am really sorry. I am really sorry.”

While apologizing, she admitted to stabbing her 9-year-old brother multiple times with a knife while he slept. She even offered to take the officers to where the knife landed.

As the officer handcuffed her and led her to the patrol car, she asked one of the officers if the handcuffs were necessary, saying she was a good kid. The police told him, “It is,” given the nature of the incident.

The girl kept saying she was going to jail and asking if she was going to jail while she was in the police car. She also expressed her fears that she had ruined her future.

Meet his mother April Lyda

April Lyda is the mother of Zander Lyda and the 12-year-old daughter. The mother-of-two must have been shocked by what her daughter did.

The grieving mother said her baby girl never had any behavioral problems before she started taking medication which she had been off for over a year. But April had no reason to suspect any danger from her daughter.

She didn’t say what drugs the girl was taking, only that they weren’t psychiatric drugs.

Shortly after the tragic incident, the police questioned April Lyda. At the time, the mother-of-two said she didn’t know why her daughter would get so angry at Zander, especially around bedtime.

In a heartbreaking part of the interview, April said her late son would never forgive his sister. “There will always be problems between them,” added the devastated mother.

April further revealed that her daughter started cutting herself after she left.

Additionally, April’s friends started a GoFundMe page to help her move on with the loss of her son.

In an update on the fundraising page, the heartbroken mother describes how her daughter was a “normal” teenage girl who never “yelled” at her until she took undisclosed medication again.

April said her daughter had never shown behavioral issues before.

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