Who is Shahid from Lucknow who raped and killed a 14 year old girl? Age, Bio, Wiki and more!

Who is Shahid of Lucknow: So we are here to inform you of a horrific incident that occurred on June 7, 2023, a young Muslim boy whose name is Shahid broke into a house in the Indira Nagar area of ​​Lucknow to rape a young girl. This is something very horrific and a shocking incident so we will be here to let you know all the updates regarding this case. Follow our Media website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is Shahid of Lucknow?

We know you’re quite curious and filled with a number of questions, so scroll down to find out more. So the 14-year-old girl was killed by Shahid. In this case, the police department opened a file and the suspect Shahid was arrested late at night.

What happened with a 14 year old girl in Lucknow?

According to the complaint filed by the girl’s father, the accused Shahid entered the victim’s house around 1 p.m. on Wednesday. The girl was home alone when the suspect emerged, apart from Shahid hitting the girl on the head with a hammer to kill her after he raped her.

Lucknow boy Shahid raped and killed a 14-year-old girl

According to the family, the suspect had been bothering the girl for a few days, she was home alone, and the main time he broke into the house, he raped her, then killed her with a hammer. The girl’s mother said the accused was seen running away from home as she returned from work in the afternoon. She tried to catch him but she couldn’t catch him.

Every year the cases of rape in India are increasing and in recent years it has been observed that the cases of rape of minors are also increasing. This article focuses on studying cases of rape of underage girls in the country and attempts to understand the psychology of criminals who commit rape of underage girls.

Rape cases in India

Not all rape criminals have the same psychology and they don’t have the same reasons for raping an underage girl. The challenge therefore arises to understand the different psychology of different rapists. Rape is a strongly gendered violent behavior where the majority of the perpetrators of sexual violence are men and the majority of their victims are women.

Rape, the most common form of violence against women, is part of human culture and constitutes a profound violation of a woman’s physical integrity and can be a form of torture. We can’t even imagine the pain of the family right now. Deep condolences and sympathy to them.

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