Who is Paola Turci Moglie (girlfriend)? Relationship with ex-husband Andrea Amato

Who is Paola Turci Moglie (girlfriend)? Also find out about Turci’s relationship with her ex-husband Andrea Amato from this article.

Paola Turci is an Italian professional composer, singer, performer and author.

With the song “L’uomo di ieri” written by Mario Castelnuovo at the Sanremo Music Festival in 1986, Turci made his stage debut. The track was included on Paola’s debut album, Blue Ragazza Sola Ragazza.

In the years that followed, the singer again participated in the Sanremo Music Festival and, in 1987, the song “Primo Tango” allowed her to win the critics’ prize.

She participated again in the Festival with the song “Sar Bellissima”, she returned in 1989 with “Bambini”.

Thanks to this song, the beautiful singer wins the Emerging Artists category of the Sanremo Music Festival. The song “Bambini” is the one that most established Turci’s fame.

Who is Paola Turci Moglie (girlfriend)?

Paola Turci is married to his girlfriend, Francesca Pascale. The couple’s impending wedding took place on July 2, 2022 in Montalcino after the singer announced her relationship with Pascale.

They held a wedding ceremony following rumors that Francesca’s ex-partner and former Italian Prime Minister had put his 1,140 square meter property, which he bought in 2015, up for sale.

Pascale, 37, and Paola Turci, 58, a musician with 17 studio albums to her credit, posted a photo of their wedding on Instagram.

At the height of the coronavirus lockdown in 2020, Berlusconi and Pascale broke up, and his ex has since been rumored to be residing with Turci.

Francesca was the ex-wife of famous media mogul and politician Silvio Berlusconi. The politician has also served as Prime Minister of Italy in four governments.

The singer met her current wife in 2019 when Francesca didn’t get along with her ex-partner. And as a bisexual woman, she was simultaneously attracted to Paulo.

Although the former Prime Minister and Pascale were not married, they had a financial arrangement in which she was compensated 20 million euros to end their relationship each year they were together.

She also received a monthly allowance of €100,000 to support her lifestyle.

Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale Children: the couple wanted to adopt a child

Francesca Pascale and Paola Turci intend to adopt a child following their civil marriage. The transgression finds its origin in Today.

In Montalcino, the two women got married last July and want to expand their family. According to the weekly, Pascale and Turci are considering adoption or foster care.

Since the law prohibits either of the two possibilities for same-sex couples, it is not simple in Italy.

Only a few countries in the European Union, including France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and the most recent Slovenia, allow same-sex couples to foster or adopt children. Therefore, the two would have to navigate a difficult bureaucratic process.

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Paola Turci Relationship Timeline: Connecting With Her Ex-Marito (Husband) Andrea Amato

Paola Turci is also bisexual, like her companion, Francesco. Before being married to her current wife, the singer had already married a man named Andrea Amato.

Amato is an Italian journalist. The couple reunited in 2010. NPH Foundation volunteers Francesca Turci and Francesca Rava attended their wedding celebration in Haiti.

However, the couple Paola and Andrea separated in 2012. In addition, Turci had a romantic relationship with tennis player Paolo Canè in the 1990s.

However, there is little information about the couple who dated for a few years in the 1990s.

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