Who Is Miss Fairchild in Chucky? How Did She Get Out of Prison?


The second season of ‘Chucky‘ continues telling the story of fan-favorite characters from the ‘Child’s Play‘ franchise, such as  Andy, Kyle, Nica, Glen, and Glenda. While the titular serial killer doll continues its reign of terror in the lives of Jake, Lexy, and Devon, the series also takes time to introduce and develop several new characters to further the storyline. One such character is Miss Fairchild, who, with her minimal presence, propels the story in an exciting new direction. If you are looking for answers about Miss Fairchild and her sudden emergence in ‘Chucky’ season 2, proper right here is all of the issues that you could know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who Is Miss Fairchild?

Rachel Fairchild is launched inside the premiere episode, ‘Death by Misadventure.’ In the gathering, actress Annie Briggs essays the operate of Miss Fairchild. The actress is believed for her appearances in reveals similar to ‘Murdoch Mysteries,’ ‘Wharf Rats,’ ‘Transplant,’ and ‘Stardust.’ Some viewers might acknowledge Briggs as Ruby Renaud from ‘ClaireVoyant.’ She is credited as a recurring solid member for the first season of ‘Chucky’ and appears as a customer star inside the season 2 finale.

Miss Fairchild is the biology coach on the highschool that Jake, Lexy, and Devon attend. Miss Fairchild is compassionate and cares for Jake after the loss of life of his dad and mother. However, Jake is pressured to cowl his connection to Chucky as he fears no person will take into account him. Miss Fairchild finds herself inadvertently roped into Chucky’s grasp plan. In the season 1 finale, Miss Fairchild is apprehended by the police and charged with all of the ugly murders devoted by Chucky. However, she returns inside the second season finale, titled ‘Chucky Actually,’ to the shock of Jake, Lexy, and Devon.

How Did Miss Fairchild Get Out of Prison?

In season one, Jake, Lexy, and Devon emerge from the carnage attributable to Chucky. However, Miss Fairchild is arrested and blamed for a quantity of murders devoted by Chucky, primarily that of Principal McVey. In the season finale, titled ‘An Affair to Dismember,’ the police uncover proof of the mass murders devoted by Chucky. The new proof hyperlinks all of the murders inside the metropolis collectively, allowing the police to launch Miss Fairchild. In the tip, Miss Fairchild avoids jail time, and we remaining see her taking Jake, Lexy, and Devon to the Wheeler family’s grave.

The second season finale, titled ‘Chucky Actually,’ sees Chucky concentrating on Lexy’s mother, Mrs. Cross, the ultimate of the surviving dad and mother. In the tip, Chucky, Tiffany, and Caroline flee the scene, and Mrs. Cross dies a ugly loss of life. The police arrive on the house and begin an investigation. However, since Jake, Lexy, and Devon are all orphans, the police will not be positive about their safety. Miss Fairchild arrives on the scene and takes responsibility for holding the children safe. However, the trio asks for her help in monitoring down Chucky and Caroline. The remaining scene implies that Miss Fairchild is acutely aware of Chucky’s murderous spree and agrees to help the children.

Ultimately, Miss Fairchild appears to be the guardian of Jake following his family’s loss of life. Moreover, with Lexy and Devon moreover shedding their dad and mother, she is the one grownup the group trusts after their traumatic experiences on the Incarnate Lord School. However, Miss Fairchild’s revelation of realizing Chucky’s actions hints that she will not be just some supporting character who’s oblivious to the threats her wards face. Hence, it’ll be fascinating to see to what extent Miss Fairchild will go to help Jake, Lexy, and Devon of their battle in opposition to Chucky.

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