Who is Manolo De Los Santos? Leader of Hamas-cheering radical NYC group has ties to Cuba

The head of a radical activist group who urged anti-Israel protesters at Columbia University to channel the lethal Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 is a profession agitator who spent “years” within the socialist haven of Cuba, The Post can reveal.

Manolo De Los Santos, the 35-year-old chief of the Midtown-based nonprofit The People’s Forum (TPF), got here to The Bronx from his native Dominican Republic at age 5 and has made a profession of spurring protests on the streets of New York City.

He first traveled to Cuba in 2006 and was there as just lately as March to demand an finish to the US blockade in opposition to the socialist state which has been in place since 1962.

Manolo De Los Santos on the streets of Manhattan.
Manolo De Los Santos, 35, chief and de facto mouthpiece for The People’s Forum, a radical anti-Israel group that inspired the takeover of Hamilton Hall at Columbia University. LP Media

As TPF’s government director and de facto mouthpiece — a job he’s held since 2018, in accordance to his Facebook — the author, organizer and public speaker is as identified for his zealous assist of left-wing causes as he is for his repugnant public statements.

De Los Santos, who declined to communicate to The Post when approached exterior his Hell’s Kitchen dwelling Monday, has within the final 12 months alone hailed Hamas’ Oct. 7 terror assault as “heroic,” known as for Israel to be “erased from history” and eagerly welcomed the upcoming “defeat” of the “US empire.”

Manolo De Los Santos sitting at a desk in front of a laptop with a large painting of a hammer and sickle behind him.
De Los Santos has longstanding ties with Cuba, first visiting as a youngster in 2006 and spending “many years” there later as a house base. X/@manolo_realengo

He has been a longtime advocate for Cuba, which he first visited as a teenager with a progressive spiritual group known as Pastors for Peace and which he was later based mostly out of for “many years.”

When he wasn’t denouncing “US hegemony” from the shores of Cuba, De Los Santos was inflicting bother throughout the Big Apple, collaborating in quite a few disruptive road protests and giving provocative speeches laced with incendiary anti-Israel rhetoric.

“When we finally deal that final blow to destroy Israel, when the state of Israel is finally destroyed and erased from history, that will be the single most important blow we can give to destroying capitalism and imperialism in our lifetime,” De Los Santos stated in January in entrance of a cheering crowd in a now-viral video.

De Los Santos handcuffed from behind being led by a cop.
De Los Santos was one of 10 protest group leaders busted on Jan. 27 on a day of anarchy across the metropolis throughout which demonstrators shut down half of the Brooklyn Bridge and tried to “flood” JFK Airport in Queens. Instagram/@peoplesforumnyc

His remarks had been so vicious that South Bronx Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-NY) denounced the speech as “Nazi rhetoric,” and known as for Goldman Sachs, whose philanthropy arm used to direct funds to TPF, to reduce ties with the group — which additionally has hyperlinks to the Chinese Communist Party.

“Thousands of Israelis were massacred, maimed, mutilated, abducted, raped, and tortured at the murderous hands of Hamas,” Torres wrote, referring to the continued battle within the Middle East. 

“[Hamas] espouses the kind of genocidal ideology that The People’s Forum has been caught promoting as ‘the final blow,’ which is strikingly similar to Nazi rhetoric about a ‘final solution,’” he continued.

Shortly after, De Los Santos penned a defiant missive on the TPF web site during which he refused to apologize and dismissed the media’s labeling of his phrases as hate speech as “a propaganda trick by the apologists for genocide.”

Less than two weeks later, on Jan. 27, De Los Santos was amongst 10 protest leaders cops busted on a day of anarchy throughout the town during which lots of of anti-Israel demonstrators descended on Manhattan, partially blocking the Brooklyn Bridge and trying to “flood” JFK Airport in Queens.

In between road marches and railing in opposition to the evils of capitalism, De Los Santos makes use of his in depth social media presence — which incorporates greater than 31,000 followers on X — to publish glory pictures of Hamas members accompanied by reverent missives lauding the fear group’s actions.

On Oct. 7, the day Hamas launched its bloody terror assault in opposition to Israel that killed greater than 1,200 males, girls and youngsters, De Los Santos shared a Hamas propaganda video displaying terrorist paratroopers gearing up for the cowardly assault in opposition to the Jewish dwelling state.

A number of weeks later because the battle in Gaza raged on, he posted a picture of Hamas fighters elevating computerized weapons in celebration.

“Victory to those who resist Zionism! Victory to those who fight as the bombs fall in Gaza! Victory to those who defend their people from Israel’s war crimes! Victory to all who mobilize, march & act in solidarity with Palestine! Resistance until Victory! Palestine will win!” he wrote accompanying the picture.

Approached on the road by a reporter from The Post Monday, De Los Santos repeatedly stated “If you want my comment, email me.”

The Post promptly emailed a him a collection of questions however didn’t hear again.

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