Who is Kathryn Dignam? Christy Dignam wife Wikipedia and age

Christy Dignam’s wife, Kathryn Dignam, is devastated by the death of her husband. Let’s get to know more about the couple in this article.

Christy Dignam was a prominent Irish singer widely known for being the lead singer of popular Irish rock band Aslan. Dignam has long been active on the scene.

With the band Christy went on to release a few singles including This Is, Please Don’t Stop, Loving Me Lately, Pretty Thing and Feel No Shame.

Apart from this, Dignam also had a solo career and released a solo debut album titled The Man Who Stayed Alive; it ranked 7th in the Official Charts Company’s Top 50 Irish Albums.

Apart from his professional career, Dignam was also doing well in his personal life as he was married to his beloved wife, Kathryn Dignam, who is mourning the loss.

Who is Christy Dignam’s wife, Kathryn Dignam?

Kathryn Dignam is the wife of the late singer Christy Dignam. The duo had been married for almost four decades and were one of the most beloved couples.

In 2019, Dignam on how he met his wife. Christy revealed they were 14 when they met and have been together ever since.

Soon after, they fell in love and started dating. After being in a romantic relationship for a long time, Christy and his wife Kathryn thought about taking their relationship to the next level.

So the couple walked down the wedding aisle in 1988 with their family and loved ones in attendance. The duo later bought their first home for IR£11,000 but they sold it for IR£29,000.

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Kathryn Dignam Wikipedia and age explored

Kathryn Dignam is recognized as the wife of the late singer Christy Dignam. Kathryn is said to be a hairdresser. Meanwhile, her age remains unclear, but she may be in the same range as her partner.

The Dignam couple have lived together for a long time and Christy has never been shy about talking about their life in the media. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Christy has been spending quality time with her wife.

The late singer was proud of his wife and used to praise her in interviews. Kathryn has accompanied her husband through his best and his worst days. Not to mention that Dignam was addicted to heroin and used it secretly.

But later, Kathryn found out, and once opened up about the moment, saying, “From the moment she found out, I knew I couldn’t cheat on her anymore.”

Meet Christy Dignam and her daughter Kathryn Kiera

Married for nearly 40 years, Christy Dignam and his wife Kathryn Dignam had also started their own family. They welcomed a girl named Kiera.

When Kiera was born, it was a proud moment for Christy. Not to mention that Kiera is also a singer and is doing quite well in her professional career.

Meanwhile, Kiera is already married and she is also a mother of two sons, Cian and Jake and a daughter, Ava. Besides, photos of Keira can be easily found on the Internet.

At present, the Dignam family mourns the loss of Christy, who died at the age of 63 on June 13, 2023.

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