Who is Jolien Boumkwo Parents?

Who is Jolien Boumkwo Parents? Jolien Boumkwo, born August 27, 1993 in Ghent, is an impressive athlete representing Belgium. She specializes in shot put and hammer throw events and holds national records in both disciplines.

The heroic act of Jolien Boumkwo

In 2023, Jolien Boumkwo has gained international recognition for her remarkable sportsmanship. During the 2023 European Athletics Team Championships, she selflessly stepped in to replace her injured teammate, Anne Zagré, in the 100m hurdles event.

Along with another teammate, Hanne Claes, also sidelined with injury, Boumkwo volunteered to compete to ensure Belgium were not disqualified.

The 100m hurdles event

Heading into the 100m hurdles, Boumkwo maintained a relaxed pace to minimize injury risk. His main goal was to finish the race and contribute to his team’s score. With determination and courage, she overcame all obstacles, even if she did not cross any. Boumkwo’s emphasis on teamwork and dedication was truly inspiring.

Boumkwo’s performance

Finishing the race with a time of 32.18 seconds, Boumkwo showed his commitment to the team. Although she finished last in the event, her participation earned Belgium two precious points in the Premier League standings. This act of selflessness showcased Boumkwo’s exceptional character and contributed to the overall success of his team.

Who is Jolien Boumkwo Parents?

At present, information about Jolien Boumkwo’s parents is not available on the internet because Jolien Boumkwo has not been disclosed.


Jolien Boumkwo, a talented athlete from Belgium, showed extraordinary sportsmanship and teamwork at the 2023 European Athletics Team Championships.

Stepping in to replace her injured teammate in the 100m hurdles event, Boumkwo showed her dedication to the team’s success. Her performance, even though she didn’t clear any hurdles, contributed two points to Belgium’s score. Boumkwo’s story is a shining example of true sportsmanship and selflessness.


1. What events does Jolien Boumkwo specialize in? Jolien Boumkwo specializes in shot put and hammer throw events.

2. Has Jolien Boumkwo broken national records? Yes, Jolien Boumkwo holds national shot put and hammer throw records for Belgium.

3. What did Jolien Boumkwo do at the 2023 European Athletics Team Championships? Jolien Boumkwo stepped in to replace an injured teammate in the 100m hurdles event, ensuring Belgium would not be disqualified.

4. Did Jolien Boumkwo overcome any obstacles in the race? No, Jolien Boumkwo didn’t jump any obstacles during the race, but his participation earned Belgium two points in the standings.

5. What qualities did Jolien Boumkwo demonstrate through her actions? Jolien Boumkwo displayed qualities such as sportsmanship, dedication and teamwork by volunteering to compete in the hurdles event and contributing to her team’s score.

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