Who is Jeremy Schobel marries Megan Fisher Schobel? Children and family

Jeremy Schobel’s wife, Megan Fisher Schobel, is also an English teacher at the school. Mrs. Schobel must have been shocked by the shameful actions of the person with whom she had been in a relationship for several years.

A Lower Merion teacher has been arrested for allegedly using social media to trick teenagers into having illicit sexual touching.

Authorities say 31-year-old Jeremy Schobel of Philadelphia created fake identities on social media to obtain sexually explicit photos of underage girls between the ages of 16 and 18.

All the while, Jeremy allegedly posed as a 17-year-old girl.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children became aware in November 2022 that a user account with the username “sophiavan423” was involved in the online “grooming” of children. The investigation into the case began soon after.

Authorities granted a search warrant at Jeremy’s home on June 2, 2023. Finally, on June 7, the FBI arrested Jeremy Schobel.

Many people showed great interest in his life and family after his recent arrest. Today’s article revolved around the teacher’s wife and married life. Keep reading!

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Who is Jeremy Schobel marries Megan Fisher Schobel? Children together?

Jeremy Schobel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is married to his wifeMegan Fisher Schobel.

According to reports, the teacher’s wife, who was recently arrested for her disgusting action, is also an educator by profession. Like her husband, Megan Fisher Schobel also teaches English at school.

The Schobels first crossed paths while attending Temple University in Philadelphia.

Megan and Jeremy were married on July 21, 2018 in a wedding ceremony held in Crispin Hill, Penn Yan, New York. Jeremy worked at Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts as an English teacher and women’s softball coach.

Mrs. Schobel must be shocked to know what her husband did.

Additionally, Megan Fisher’s parents, Cathy Fisher and Todd Fisher, live in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Could it be that Megan grew up in the same city/town? Either way, she had to grow up surrounded by the love and support of her parents.

Megan’s date of birth has not been revealed. However, she could be the same age as Jeremy. As for the Schobel couple’s child, it’s unclear whether or not they have children together.

Where is Jeremy Schobel now?

The FBI arrested Jeremy Schobel on June 7, 2023. As such, the Lower Merion teacher is currently in custody.

Jeremy’s employment contract with the Lower Merion School District was suspended on June 8, 2023. Additionally, the district also banned him from using his computers and networks.

Jeremy, whom Joseph D’Andrea represented, was accused of encouraging underage girls to participate in illicit sexual practices and fabrication.

The 31-year-old was also charged with attempted production of child pornography.

Schobel allegedly used the two fake profiles to connect with young girls when he was 17, then used Snapchat to obtain sexually explicit photos and videos.

Schobel allegedly admitted to creating the two accounts to contact underage girls, according to police.

Additionally, he admitted to drawing pictures and videos of the victims and claimed he had been doing so for years.

According to trauma therapist Shari Botwin, it’s crucial for students to discuss what happened, especially if they had him as a teacher.

Children form strong bonds with their teachers, especially when the educator is enthusiastic. Along with being amazed, students will likely feel betrayed and discouraged, according to Botwin.

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