Who is Gaetano Lopes, Elba Ramalho Esposa (husband)? Filhos Idade (children’s age)

Gaetano Lopes is the ex-husband of Elba Ramalho. Elba is a Brazilian singer-songwriter and poet. Let’s explore Filhos (children) and Idade (age).

Gaetano Lopes is known to be the ex-husband of Elba Ramalho. The couple divorced after a seven-year marriage.

Ramalho is a famous songwriter, performer, poet and actress from Brazil. In the same way, the Brazilian songwriter is also referred to as “The Queen of Forro”.

Additionally, in his successful solo career, Ramalh has collaborated with well-established Brazilian artists, including Alceu Valenca and his first cousin Ze Ramalho.

Additionally, Ramalho’s album O Ouro do Pó da Estrada was nominated for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Portuguese Language Roots Album.

Along with his professional career, fans have always been keen to know about his married life and children so here is all about his personal details.

Who is Gaetano Lopes, Elba Ramalho Esposa (husband)?

Gaetano Lopes and Elba Ramalho were a famous couple once loved by thousands of followers. As said earlier, Gaetano is best known as Elba’s ex-husband.

There’s not much to share about Gaetano at the moment, and he gained most of his fame for his marital status with the Brazilian actress.

Likewise, none of the online sources have talked about his biography including personal and professional details.

It’s hard to discuss Gaetano right now because he’s not as well-known as Ramalho. Additionally, Lopes has kept a low-key persona and does not have a verified social media account. In years to come, Gaetano may prefer to divulge his information online.

On the other side, Ramalho has a long career in the Brazilian music community and was officially engaged in vocation in 1979.

Likewise, his albums have been massively sold and most of them have platinum certifications.

Details about Gaetano Lopes Figlos (Children)

Although not much is known about Gaetano Lopes and most people recognize him as Elba’s ex-husband. So, speaking of Lopes Figlos, these are Maria Esperanca Lopes and Maria Clara Lopes.

Together with Elba, the couple gave birth to two children. However, nothing more is available on children at this time. Lopes preferred to stay out of the spotlight, as did her children.

Gaetano is the father of two children, but Elba is the mother of four children. The Brazilian performer gave birth to a son named Lua Yvys with Maurício Mattar, and she has another daughter named Maria Paula Ramalho, whose biological father is yet to be revealed.

Lua Yvys is active on Instagram managing the username @luayvys where he often shares posts with Elba and other family members.

Gaetano Lopes Idade (Age) – How old is he?

Gaetano Lopes is not as famous as his ex-wife Elba, and full insiders on his age and birth details are also barely shared on web sources.

Likewise, Lopes Idade remains a moot point, and few online sources have reported him to be in his late 40s; however, this can only be assured if Lopes himself confirms this.

On the other side, Elba is 71 years old and was born on August 17, 1951 in Conceicao, Paraiba. Additionally, Gaetano holds Brazilian citizenship.

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