Who is Elizabeth Knighton From Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando? Racist King Cajun Incident Caught On Camera


Elizabeth Knighton, the proprietor of Orlando-based enterprise Bodi Beauty Bar has been criticized for her racist response to the Chinese meals server at a restaurant. Find further in regards to the Orlando racism incident.

Elizabeth Knighton is the proprietor of her enterprise Bodi Beauty Bar(BBB) which operates throughout the Orlando space. Elizabeth visited the King Cajun Crawfish of the Orlando and ordered shrimps. She had an order of snow crabs and fie shrimps nevertheless later rebuked saying the shrimp had been spoiled. When the serving employees commented that the shrimps had been alright, a chaotic state commenced and Elizabeth aka Liz started blasting the place and the employees for the servings.

When Elizabeth accused the place of serving spoiled meals, the employees kindly replied once more with a no remark. Elizabeth Knighton then lambasted the Chinese employees who was serving her meal and handed racist slant in opposition to her by telling her to return to her nation and speaking humiliating rash phrases in Chinese along with Ching-Chong.

Who is Elizabeth Knighton From Bodi Beauty Bar Orlando? 

Elizabeth Knighton is an Orlando resident who operates a Bodi Beauty Bar enterprise. She has been carefully criticized on-line for her racist suggestions in the direction of a Chinese employee at King Cajun Crawfish restaurant.

Bodi Beauty Bar’s proprietor Elizabeth Knighton handed racist suggestions on one in all her cutomers at BBB.

Elizabeth visited one in every of many Orlando restaurant wings and ordered snow crabs and fried shrimp. After she ate a minimal of three of them, she talked about that the shrimps had been spoiled and requested for a refund. When the employees rejected her declare for a refund and stated that the shrimps had been utterly optimistic and by no means spoiled(as knowledgeable by Liz), Elizabeth threw a tantrum on the restaurant.

She tried to direct her abusive, verbal, and hate-intended racist phrases on the Chinese employees who serves her meals. She knowledgeable phrases like Ching-Chong or completely different aberrations of Chinese phrases to aim to downgrade the morals of the employees. This hate comment was not taken calmly by the employees, who criticized Elizabeth for her lambasting and filmed her passing racist suggestions.

Learn More About Elizabeth Knighton And the Racist King Cajun Incident 

Elizabeth Knighton ate various of her ordered fried shrimp after which requested for a refund from the Chinese employees on the restaurant. She talked about that her shrimps had been spoiled and thus she wanted a return of her money.

When the employees commented that the shrimps had been optimistic and thus no refund could also be awarded to her, Elizabeth threw a tantrum on the restaurant, directed abusive racist phrases on the employees, and even requested her to return to her private nation. This racist disdain over an issue as small as that reveals the true racist nature of the Orlando small enterprise proprietor. 

Elizabeth Knighton Hated For Her Racist Attribute Towards A Chinese Staff

The Chinese employees filmed Elizabeth’s actions and posted them on the net. After she verbally attacked the Chinese employees, Elizabeth returned to the receipt stall to decide on up her shrimp package deal deal after which left the place whereas nonetheless criticizing the place and the employees.

The employees then traced her once more from her meals receipt and bill and positioned that she owned a small enterprise in Orlando known as Bodi Beauty Bar.

Within hours, most people posted many on-line critiques in regards to the place and downgraded it in its ranking and rankings. However, in a twist of events, people have been threatening one different enterprise with the similar title: Body Beauty Bar, which isn’t the job place of the abusive lady. The mere confusion has prompted an unlimited downgrade to the alternative innocent enterprise of the Orlando space.



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