Who is Crystal Leigh? Is Crystal Leigh pregnant?

Do you want to know more about Crystal Leigh and exciting news? Crystal Leigh is someone who helps with social media and also manages talented people in America.

She is married to a guitarist named Michael Clifford from a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. They are going to have a baby for the first time and they are both very happy about it!

Michael, who is 27, confirmed the news to a magazine called People. He said he was very excited but also a little nervous.

He’s been taking care of their dog for a long time, so he thinks he’s ready to take care of a little human too. He can’t wait to talk and have conversations with their baby after years of only talking to their dog.

Who is Crystal Leigh? Is Crystal Leigh pregnant?

Crystal, Michael’s wife, is also very happy with the baby. She said she felt like she was overflowing with joy and had never been so happy before.

She thinks it could be due to the baby’s good vibes, but it could also be due to her hormones. She knows that some people have had difficult pregnancies, so she had prepared for the worst, but so far everything is going well for her.

They had a scare early in the pregnancy when Crystal started bleeding, but they went to the doctor and luckily the baby was fine.

Crystal had to rest a lot and avoid stress after that. She also mentioned having trouble sleeping and waking up several times during the night.

Crystal and Michael support each other through this journey, and Crystal feels like they are going through pregnancy together. They are very happy to welcome their baby into the world!

Crystal Leigh has a sister named Mariah Blueher, who is also involved in modeling and the media.

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