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Ashley Reeves is a widely known American woman who grew to develop into renowned after the distribution of her self-portrayal “Left for Dead.” Ashley was gone after by her educator Sam Shelton and burned via 30 hours in horrendous torment, lying inside the soil oblivious, and unfit to maneuver when she was found alive by police.

Ashley’s story is taken into account considered one of endurance and adaptability, and he or she has since develop into a backer for survivors of misuse. Ashley Reeves is a confidential specific individual and doesn’t sort out the media frequently, however her story is one which should be heard. At the aim when Ashley was solely 14 years of age, she was violently gone after by her English instructor, Sam Shelton.


Shelton had been following Ashley for pretty a really very long time, and upon the arrival of the assault, he tricked her into his analysis hall beneath the misrepresentation of giving her a mentor illustration.

When inside, Shelton mercilessly attacked Ashley, hitting her with a slugging stick and choking her until she handed out. Ashley went via the subsequent 30 hours lying inside the soil exterior Shelton’s residence, oblivious and unfit to maneuver. At the aim when she was finally found by police, she was hurried to the emergency clinic the place she stayed in a state of utmost lethargy for a extraordinarily very very long time. Ashley Reeves Wiki, Bio, Age, Guardians, Level, Spouse, Realities.

At the aim when Ashley awakened from her trance like state, she needed to find out how one can stroll and focus on as quickly as further. She went via months in restoration, however no matter all of the items, she made a full recuperation. Since the assault, Ashley has develop into a promoter for casualties of misuse. She has stood in opposition to her experience and has assisted completely totally different overcomers of viciousness with getting the help they need. Ashley is a confidential specific individual and doesn’t sort out the media frequently, however her story is one which should be heard. Right as a lot as the present day, Shelton has certainly not been captured or charged for his violations. Ashley retains on battling for equity and makes an try to make sure that completely totally different overcomers of viciousness often will not be neglected.

When Was Ashley Reeves’ Disappeared? Ashley Reeves evaporated on April 27, 2006. The teen must get once more sooner than her check in time however certainly not did. Her folks grew to develop into frightened after diverse calls and instantaneous messages and revealed the issue to the police, who started a request. At the aim when her mom checked her identify log, she found that Ashley made and obtained diverse calls from Sam Shelton, her earlier teacher. He was then launched in for a cross-examination. During the cross examination, he modified his story a variety of situations, making the police accept he had data with respect to Ashley’s nonattendance.

Ashley Reeves Age Ashley Reeves was born on June 20, 1983 inside the US. She is true now 32 years of age, starting spherical 2022. Subsequent to transferring on from a confidential faculty, she accomplished her training at a confidential secondary faculty. Her zodiac sign is obscure, and he or she is Christian.

Ashley Reeves Spouse Ashley Reeves is hitched. She marry her very important totally different, Jeremy Smith, in 2006. Ashley Reeves is the mother of two kids. Her kids’ names are obscure.

Ashley Reeves Level, Weight Ashley Reeves’ stage is 5 ft or 7 inches and her weight is 59 kg. She has delicate hair and blue eyes.

Ashley Reeves Total property Ashley Reeves’ full property is presently obscure. Be that as it’d, she is assessed to be worth huge number of {{dollars}}. She has launched in her cash via her assortment of memoirs “Left for Dead” along with via open talking dedication and conferences. Ashley Reeves’ very important totally different, Jeremy Smith, is likewise a rich man. He is the Chief of a fruitful group, and a variety of different carries on with a rich way of life.

In 2009, Ashley distributed her life account named “Left for Dead.” The e guide narratives Ashley’s account of endurance after she was violently gone after by her English educator, Sam Shelton.

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