Where is Marie Antoinette’s head now?


Marie Antoinette Josèphe Jeanne was the ultimate Queen of France sooner than the French Revolution. Marie was born an Archduchess of Austria and was the penultimate child and youngest daughter of Empress Maria Theresa and Emperor Francis I.

In May 1770, she grew to develop into dauphine of France at age 14 upon her marriage to Louis-Auguste, heir apparent to the French throne. Her husband ascended the throne as Louis XVI and he or she grew to develop into queen on May 10, 1774.

During the French Revolution, Marie grew to develop into known as “Madame Déficit” because of the nation’s financial catastrophe was blamed on her lavish life-style and her opposition to the social and financial reforms of Turgot and Necker.

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Several events have been linked to Marie by means of the Revolution after the federal authorities had positioned the royal family beneath house arrest inside the Tuileries Palace in October 1789.

Marie’s June 1791 tried flight to Varennes and her place inside the War of the First Coalition had disastrous outcomes on French frequent opinion.

On August 10, 1792, an assault on the Tuileries compelled the royal family to take refuge on the Assembly, they normally have been imprisoned inside the Temple Prison on August 13.

The monarchy was abolished on September 21, 1792, and Louis XVI was executed by guillotine on January 21, 1793. Marie’s trial began on October 14, 1793; she was convicted two days later by the Revolutionary Tribunal of extreme treason and was moreover executed by guillotine, on the Place de la Révolution.

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Marie was guillotined at 12:15 p.m. on October 16, 1793 and ultimate phrases are recorded as, “Pardonnez-moi, monsieur. Je ne l’ai pas fait exprès”. English translation: “Pardon me, sir, I did not do it on purpose”, after unintentionally stepping on her executioner’s shoe.

Marie’s head was one amongst which Marie Tussaud was employed to make a demise masks. The French Queen’s physique was thrown into an unmarked grave inside the Madeleine cemetery, located shut by in rue d’Anjou. The cemetery was closed the subsequent yr, on March 25, 1794, because of its functionality was exhausted.

Where is Marie Antoinette’s head now?

Twenty-two years after their execution,  years later, every Marie Antoinette’s and her husband, Louis XVI’s our our bodies (along with Marie’s head), have been exhumed on January 18, 1815, by means of the Bourbon Restoration, when the Comte de Provence ascended the newly reestablished throne as Louis XVIII, King of France and of Navarre. Three days afterward January 21, the Christian burial of the royal stays occurred inside the necropolis of French kings on the Basilica of St Denis.

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