Where Are Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky, Dylan Ward Now?


Police officers in Washington DC had been left flabbergasted after they found Robert Wone stabbed to dying throughout the dwelling of his pal, Joseph “Joe” Price. Although an autopsy noticed stab wounds on the sufferer’s physique, there was little or no blood on the crime scene. On excessive of that, Joseph Price, along with his boyfriends, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward, seemingly behaved in a wierd technique, elevating suspicions. Peacock’s ‘Who Killed Robert Wone’ takes us by means of the grotesque crime and follows the investigation that attempted to unravel the homicide. Let’s delve into the small print surrounding the crime and uncover out the place Joe, Victor, and Dylan are at present, we may?

Who Are Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward?

Readers could be surprised to know that Joe, Victor, and Dylan belonged to an in depth circle of Robert’s mates, and they also had been even acquainted alongside together with his partner, Katherine “Kathy” Wone. People who knew Robert talked about that he would spend a great deal of time with the trio and even shared a specific relationship with Joseph Price. Besides, since all of them knew each other from a youthful age, nothing appeared out of the weird, and it was common for Robert to stay over at Joe’s Washington DC dwelling generally. Interestingly, Joe believed in polyamoury, and he lived alongside together with his boyfriends, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward, within the an identical dwelling. However, Robert in no way had a problem with this nevertheless purchased on pretty properly with the group.

Joseph Price

Robert, who labored at Radio Free Asia’s Washington DC office as an lawyer, purchased late in wrapping up work on August 2, 2006. Unwilling to make the journey once more to Oakton, Virginia, at such a late hour, he known as his partner, Kathy, and educated her that he could be staying over at a pal’s dwelling. The current even talked about that Robert initially deliberate on staying with a female pal from college, nevertheless Joe purchased the data and invited him over. According to evaluations, Robert entered the house at spherical 10:30 pm on August 2, and at 11:49 pm, barely higher than an hour later, Joe known as 911 in a distressed state, informing the operation that his pal had been stabbed.

When first responders arrived on the scene, that they had been casually ignored by Victor and Dylan, who regarded like that that they had merely gotten out of the bathe. Joe, who was moreover carrying a bathrobe, took the police to the customer mattress room, the place they found Robert unconscious on the customer mattress. There had been three prolonged stab wounds on his chest, and although a bloodied knife lay on a close-by kitchen desk, its measurement didn’t match the accidents. Upon further investigation, the police found a missing kitchen knife, which appeared vulnerable to be the murder weapon, and a towel seemingly used to clean a bloodied blade. Surprisingly, there was a shocking lack of blood on the murder scene, regardless that an autopsy declared that the sufferer was smothered sooner than being stabbed to dying.

Victor Zaborsky

When questioned, Joe, Victor, and Dylan insisted that they had been watching a gift after they heard Robert scream in ache. Upon rushing to his room, they found him unresponsive on the mattress and had no thought who had murdered him. Joe even beneficial that an intruder had broken in and killed their pal, although the forensic proof went in opposition to such a press launch. In the meantime, the autopsy revealed that Robert was pricked with quite a lot of needles sooner than his dying, indicating that he may have been drugged. Although a toxicology report dominated out poisons, it in no way examined the sufferer for frequent medicines, along with anesthesia. On the alternative hand, well being staff found Robert’s private semen on and spherical his anus, nevertheless there was no sign of rape or sexual abuse.

Since the police had been unable to get additional information out of Joe, Victor, and Dylan, they carried out a search of their dwelling and positioned a plethora of intercourse toys, S&M instruments, and a machine that was capable of making someone ejaculate in opposition to their will. Putting two and two collectively, the cops deduced that the trio may have drugged Robert and compelled him to ejaculate sooner than killing him. On the alternative hand, the police had been moreover suspicious of Joe’s brother, Micael Price. Yet, they didn’t have enough proof for a murder conviction, so Michael was allowed to go, whereas Joe, Victor, and Dylan had been charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and tampering with proof.

Where Are Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward Today?

When supplied in court docket docket, Joe, Victor, and Dylan pled not accountable and insisted on their innocence. Meanwhile, their safety lawyer discovered that Joe’s neighbor had proof of someone going over the boundary wall and leaping down into her yard on the day of Robert’s murder. This gave traction to the hypothesis of an outside intruder caring, and regardless that the determine believed the three had been hiding data, she claimed she couldn’t guarantee previous a reasonable doubt. Hence, Joe, Victor, and Dylan had been acquitted of all charges in 2010. Incidentally, Robert’s partner, Kathy, moreover filed a wrongful dying lawsuit in opposition to the trio sooner than their jail trial, nevertheless the mates had been ready to return to an out-of-court settlement collectively along with her in 2011.

Dylan Ward

At present, Victor Zaborsky and Joseph Price are nonetheless in a relationship, and they also keep collectively in Tamarac, Florida. On the alternative hand, sources level out that Dylan Ward opted to interrupt out of the polyamorous relationship and is in the mean time married. However, Readers additionally must be conscious that every Joe and Dylan chosen to fluctuate their names, which makes the latter’s current whereabouts unclear.

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