What is the Social Media Chroming Challenge on TikTok? 13-year-old Australian girl killed

If you’ve been active on social media, especially TikTok, you must have heard of a challenge called “Chroming”. According to reports, countless people have taken to the internet and spoken about this challenge. But do you know what the trend is and why it is becoming so popular now? We imagined an article because it is a question of discussing and informing about the dangerousness of this challenge. In fact, a number of deaths have also occurred due to this chrome plating challenge. Yes, you heard right, innocent lives have been lost because of this trend. This is why it is very imperative to be aware of the challenge of chrome plating. You are asked to follow this column to the end. Scroll down the page and look below.

What is the Social Media Chrome Challenge?

However, the Chroming challenge is not a brand new trend like a few years ago. But he still makes headlines, not for good causes obviously. The Strait Times said that two teenagers who participated in this trend lost their lives in 2019. Another case of death due to the Chroming Challenge took place this year. Apparently a girl from Australia died while allegedly doing chrome. Take a look at the next section and read the incident.

The Australian girl who died from chrome plating was known as Esra Haynes. She was only 13 when she died. Google Trends shows that searches for the Chroming Challenge increased in May after the death of Esra Haynes. Reportedly, Esra Haynes died on May 14 while allegedly chromed. Additionally, Esra Haynes’ parents have also come forward to save other children from this deadly trend. Their new motive for lives is to prevent further loss of life due to this trend. Hence, parents of Esra Haynes urge parents to keep an eye on their children and stop them from doing such absurd activities. Swipe down the page and find out more.

Dr March Siegel made an appearance in the US Newsroom where he said: “You literally inhale paints and solvents to get high… the problem is you have acetone in there, formaldehyde is there -inside. It’s called volatile organic compounds for a reason: it irritates your skin, it can get into your lungs, you can have seizures, you can have a coma, and again, sometimes we see people dying from it.

The chrome plating challenge seems to be a twist on an old trend of blowing or sniffing different materials. In this tendency, the person has to inhale anything, such as spray cans, metallic paints, solvents, and gases. As mentioned above, in 2019 two boys lost their lives attempting this challenge. Dr Siegel expressed his stress and said: ‘The biggest issue is the long term cognitive issues which actually cause concentration issues if you use it over time. The really dangerous idea of ​​putting organically active compounds to sniff. Proceed to the next section and read more details.

TikTok social media chrome challenge killed 13-year-old girl

The National Retail Association has given a definition to understand what chrome plating is. It has a broader definition, but the term “chroming” comes from the act of sniffing chrome-based deodorant or paint as a means of getting high. Dr. Siegel blamed TikTok for the loss of lives due to this trend because it allows the trend to grow. He said this is one of the issues he has with social media platforms and the impact it has. Additionally, the RCH (The Royal Children’s Hospital) located in Melbourne has also explained chrome plating in a series of guidelines shared on their website. Scroll down and read what the Royal Children’s Hospital has to say.

RCH said the Chroming trend involves a risk of tachycardia which is used for high heart rate. It also varies levels of CNS depression or central nervous system depression, which occurs when a substance slows brain activity. It also causes side effects such as slurred speech, hallucinations, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. The effect of inhaling aerosols or metal pants lasts for a short time, but can lead to heart attack, coma, permanent damage to organs such as kidneys, heart, lungs, liver and brain, convulsions or choking. Keep reading this article.

The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne has also listed petroleum products, paint thinner, nail polish remover, hairspray and lighter fluid that are commonly used sources of chrome plating. Children must remain inaccessible to these substances. Inhaling these substances can cause organ damage and convulsions. Children can inhale the chemicals by soaking them in a cloth before breathing them in and putting them in a plastic bag from the container. After Haynes’ death, the Victorian Department of Education said it would redouble its efforts to provide children with more information about chrome plating and its deadly effects. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.


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