What does Delulu mean in Tiktok?

What does ‘Delulu’ mean and why do people say it?

If you’ve browsed TikTok or frequented online communities, you might have come across the word “delulu”. But what does that actually mean?

Let’s dive into the world of internet slang and find out why everyone is talking about it. Imagine explaining it to a 10-year-old child, making sure he understands without getting confused.

What does Delulu mean in Tiktok?

From K-pop Fans to Everyone: The Rise of Delulu

Originally, the word “delulu” emerged from the K-pop community, a fan base dedicated to Korean pop music. Instead of using the word “delusional,” K-pop fans started using “delulu” to poke fun at other fans who thought they had a chance to date their favorite K-pop stars or befriend them.

However, this quirky term didn’t stay confined to K-pop circles for long. TikTok, the popular video-sharing platform, has played an important role in spreading “delulu” beyond its origins. With over 113 million views under the #delulu hashtag, TikTok has become a platform where people from diverse backgrounds come across this particular word.

Audience reaction and opinions

Confusion and Stupid Jokes: What People Think of Delulu

As “delulu” transitioned from niche slang to a more general term, some people found it confusing. A user on social media expressed his confusion saying, “The term ‘delulu’ which is becoming normalized outside of the K-pop community is so silly because what do you mean by ‘I was delulu’ when you talk from someone in your hometown?” Others joined in, sharing their thoughts on the emergence of “delulu”.

While many find it amusing, some still prefer the word “delusional” and find “delulu” an amusing replacement. As the term grows in popularity, it sparks light-hearted banter and playful debate among netizens.

Embrace the Delulu era

When Delulu becomes more than a word

More than a simple word, “delulu” has taken on a new dimension for some. It is part of their identity and how they see themselves. People are embracing the “delulu era” and integrating it into their personas, much like adopting a persona or alter ego. This phenomenon demonstrates the influence of Internet culture on self-expression.


The Evolution of Delulu: From Niche Phrase to Traditional Slang

In summary, “delulu” started out as a term within the K-pop community, mocking fans who harbored unrealistic hopes.

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