We’ve been ordered to remove our £60,000 extension after our jealous neighbors complained – it’s a joke

A business owner has been left furious after ‘jealous’ neighbors forced him to demolish his £60,000 extension.

Ben Shorrock, who runs The Eating Inn in Blackpool, Lancashire, said he was “surprised and extremely frustrated by the local council’s decision.

Ben, 38, took over the management of the seaside restaurant, established by his father in 1980, more than ten years ago.

Over the years he has spent thousands of dollars on upgrades, including a huge sum in the extension.

However, he told Lancashire Live that the “jealousy” of his neighbors had led to complaints about the structure.

He has now been refused retrospective planning permission, despite his claim that he deliberately scaled down the building so as “not to block natural light”.

Ben said: “We will appeal the decision, take the legal route.

“We did most of the renovations in lockdown, I did my due diligence and the company that built it told us we wouldn’t need planning permission as it was self-contained.

“That’s the first thing I checked. Our neighbor complains about everything, but that’s such a shame as we’re trying to be part of Blackpool’s regeneration and we’re one of the few places on the frontline that put a lot of money into it.

He added that the move means he will “effectively lose half the restaurant”.

The extension, for which the glass alone costs £30,000, can stay in place for at least the six months Ben has to appeal, but he is determined to see it hold.

He fumed: ‘I love Blackpool and think it goes really far so I think it’s crazy to refuse an outside seating area (like this) when looking at the other rubbish on the promenade.

“We had a lot of support with people unable to believe the decision and hopefully it will be overturned on appeal.”

In assessing its case, council planners concluded that the glass extension represented piecemeal development and would set a precedent for other local buildings to develop in the same way.

In their report, they said: “This significant projection would not only make the property appear out of place among neighboring terrace properties, but would also adversely impact strategic views along the promenade and seafront. “

It comes after a couple were ordered to demolish their £80,000 extension and pay £200,000 in costs after building it two inches too close to their neighbours’ house.

Meanwhile, two owners were furious after being forced to remove what they called the best part of their property – it’s unique wood siding.


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