West Michigan sheriff’s deputy shot a man dead

A western Michigan sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a man after receiving a report of a gunman threatening to kill himself and others, officials say. The individual threatened to kill himself and others. The 28-year-old man was found by Ottawa County deputies on Saturday evening near the village of Jenison, and one of the deputies shot him, according to the sheriff’s department statement. However, the department did not disclose what prompted the action of the deputy who shot the man or how many shots were fired.

At the scene, located a few miles southwest of Grand Rapids, the injured man was pronounced dead shortly after the incident. According to the agency, the altercation did not cause any other injuries to others. According to the sheriff’s department, the deputy who shot the man was placed on administrative leave in accordance with procedures for a shooting involving an officer. The shooting is currently being investigated by Michigan State Police. The deceased and the deputy’s name were not released to the public for some time after the incident.

Suburbs of Chicago, gunshots injure 4 participants in the funeral procession:

Two people were seriously injured and two others were injured after shots were fired at automobiles during a funeral procession as it passed through a Chicago suburb, police said. A white van parked next to a car and opened fire at 1 p.m. Saturday as the parade headed west from Chicago through the suburb of Oak Park, according to Oak Park police. Police said two people in the car were in serious condition and were being airlifted to hospital. Two others in another parade vehicle were hit by gunfire and sent to hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. No innocent bystanders were injured and no quick arrests were made by authorities. Oak Park Police said they were not made aware of any potential danger associated with the funeral march. According to Chief of Police Shatonya Johnson, police see no new safety risks to the community.

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