Watch MrBeast’s Secret Merch Twitter Video with Feastables QR Code

Watch MrBeast’s Secret Merch Twitter Video with Feastables QR Code (Watch Full Video)

As the most followed individual on YouTube, hundreds of millions of eyes are still glued to MrBeast. But a secret video is circulating online and there’s only one way to see it.

American YouTuber, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, currently has more than 159 million subscribers on the video-sharing platform. Its number of subscribers is growing every day, the figure has increased by eight million for a month.

The YouTuber’s subscriber count skyrocketed after subscribers started reposting MrBeast on Instagram.

If you’ve caught wind of a secret merch video made by MrBeast and are wondering how to have fun, here’s what you need to know.

Watch MrBeast’s Secret Merch Twitter Video with Feastables QR Code

MrBeast Announces Secret Video Costs $1 Million To Make

YouTube celebrity MrBeast posted his latest video on Saturday, June 10. Always known for splashing the cash on his videos, the latest sees MrBeast testing $1 yachts against $1 million and $1 billion yachts.

While the last video had a lot to talk about – including a cameo from Pete Davidson and Tom Brady – what really piqued viewers’ interest was the announcement of a secret video.

“We filmed a secret MrBeast video that will never be uploaded to YouTube,” Jimmy told viewers near the end of the yacht episode.

How to Watch MrBeast’s Secret Merchandising Video

There’s only one way to watch MrBeast’s new video and that’s by purchasing one of YouTuber’s Feastables merchandise.

“The only way to watch this video is to purchase a Feastables product within the next 30 days and scan the QR code on the back,” says Jimmy.

If you think you can just walk into a store to scan the Feastables QR code, the team at MrBeast already has a head start. Reports claim you must include proof of purchase with your QR code scan to access secret content.

So for those hoping to find where to watch the video online, you’ll need to make a Feastables purchase first. This means that it will not appear on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit or any other place where you can access video content on social media.

I need to upload proof of purchase

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