WATCH: Justin Sigmon Video leaked footage showing assaulting his 9-year-old niece

The former Franklin County Sheriff’s Department deputy who was arrested in Miami by the FBI has been identified as Justin Sigmon. The charges against him were also revealed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Ever since news of Justin Sigmon’s arrest broke, the story has been controversial as he is a former Franklin County Sheriff’s Office deputy accused of having sexual contact with a minor. Yes, you heard right, there are serious charges against Justin Sigmon. This is why this news has caused debate. We have covered all the imperative aspects of this news. You are simply asked to follow this column until the end. Swipe the page down and look below.

Justin Sigmon leaked a video

The FBI has reportedly arrested Justin Sigmon in Miami, accused of having sexual contact with a minor under the age of 12 while on a cruise. This incident dates back to May 30. News of Justin Sigmon’s arrest surfaced after he was accused of having abusive sexual contact with a child. Point of note, Justin Sigmon was operating as a captain in the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office at the time of his arrest. Is he still part of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office? Take a look below to learn that.

Justin Sigmon, a former Franklin County Sheriff, was caught on 2 separate cameras (security and a concerned citizen) assaulting his 9-year-old niece in the middle of the dining room of a cruise ship.

No, Justin Sigmon quit his job on June 2. Following Justin Sigmon’s arrest, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office released a statement and advised of federal criminal charges against its former member. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office reported that due to a lack of information shared by the FBI, they have been actively collecting more details related to this case. Who is the victim ? Many speculations are circulating about the victim. We also have details of the victim. Take a look below and read the details.

Court documents mentioned that the victim was a relative of the accused. While Cruise Law News referred the victim to Justin Sigmon’s daughter. However, the identity of the victim is still unclear. The case is pending in federal court for the Southern District of Florida. The former Franklin County Sheriff’s Department deputy was with his family when he was allegedly filmed “m*sterting a girl” by another passenger, Virginia news station WDBJ7 reported. The incident reportedly happened in the ship’s dining room where his family was waiting for dinner to be served. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.


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