Wannabe arsonist sets himself on fire as he tries to torch ex-girlfriend’s house: video

A bumbling wannabe arsonist in New Mexico mistakenly set himself on fire when he tried to torch his ex-girlfriend’s home — and fled the scene lined in flames after the caught-on-camera ordeal.

Artemio Sanchez-Ortega, 46, walked calmly down a residential avenue in Albuquerque on the night time of May 24, a pink gasoline can in-hand, earlier than hopping his ex’s entrance gate and making an attempt to gentle up the home, in accordance to a neighbor’s surveillance video obtained by KOAT Action News 7.

Artemio Sanchez-Ortega held a gas can as he walked down a residential street in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Artemio Sanchez-Ortega held a fuel can as he walked down a residential avenue in Albuquerque, New Mexico. KOAT7
The yard erupts in flames.
Sanchez-Ortega doused his ex’s yard in gasoline, then sparked it up KOAT7

But the floundering firebug’s nefarious plan went stunningly awry when the yard erupted right into a maelstrom of flames whereas Sanchez-Ortega was nonetheless standing there.

When the sunshine from the fire dimmed and the digital camera re-focused, the blundering criminal was hanging from the gate as the flames licked his shoulders and legs, the video confirmed.

Sanchez-Ortega covered in flames as he hangs from the fence
But Sanchez-Ortega was too shut to the fire, and wound up catching himself within the blaze. KOAT7
Sanchez-Ortega on fire.
Then Sanchez-Ortega tripped over his personal ft earlier than taking off, lined in flames. KOAT7

Then he tripped over his personal ft earlier than working down the highway, the flames clinging to his physique as he fled.

“The instant karma of the situation was weirdly satisfying,” neighbor Daniel Provine, whose cameras captured the crime, instructed the station.

“But to see that he managed to get back to his truck and drive off and make an escape before anyone really noticed was unfortunate.”

The suspect’s ex and her youngsters — who have been inside the house on the time of the fire — weren’t harm.

Meanwhile, Sanchez-Ortega took off in a white pickup truck — and he’s nonetheless on the run, the community mentioned.

Sanchez-Ortega trying to light the fire.
No one inside the house was harm by the firebug’s tried arson. KOAT7

The suspect’s ex-girlfriend instructed investigators that Sanchez-Ortega had known as her 3 times earlier than the incident, and that she “could tell he was drinking,” in accordance to the legal criticism.

Although the fire seemed extreme on the tape, it solely appeared to injury the automobiles parked outdoors, the community mentioned.

“I made sure it made available to the investigators,” Provine mentioned of the recording.

“The absurdity of seeing someone with such bitterness to light the fire and the ineptitude to get caught in flames, in the process — it was absolutely absurd and really unfortunate,” he continued. “I feel terrible for the neighbors, wanted to do whatever I could to help.”

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