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Voltage Partners With Google Cloud To Drive Global Bitcoin Lightning Adoption

Voltage, a bitcoin lightning infrastructure provider, has partnered with Google Cloud to increase its hosting capacity and locations globally.

as of 19 May statementThe partnership will allow Voltage users to build Bitcoin Lightning nodes anywhere in the world. However, initial operations will be in Iowa, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

Voltage says its protocol helps simplify money transfers on the Lightning Network, providing a cheaper alternative to the ones available. The infrastructure provider also said that businesses can reach a global audience using the Lightning Network.

Additionally, Voltage enables micro-transactions that can help businesses improve customer retention, lower acquisition costs, and increase the lifetime value of customers.

By deploying on Google Cloud, Voltage can better serve these needs through the tech giant’s world-class infrastructure and global network. As a result, this move will further boost the adoption of Bitcoin Lightning globally.

“By using Voltage and Google Cloud, customers can deploy their workloads globally through two leading providers.”

Graham Kryzek, Founder and CEO of Voltage Tweeted That partnership suggested that Lightning was going mainstream. This sentiment was widely shared by many other crypto community members who reacted Positive For news of the partnership.

Launched in 2020, Voltage describes itself as a Lightning as a Service (LaaS) provider and offers payment and finance companies infrastructure solutions for cross-border settlements via the Lightning Network.

Google’s Growing Crypto Moves

Meanwhile, the partnership marks another collaboration between Google and crypto companies. Tech giant Cloud Unit has been particularly active in onboarding crypto firms and offering blockchain-focused services.

In late 2022, Google announced It had partnered with Coinbase to accept payments for its cloud services in cryptocurrency. It also said it would explore using Coinbase Prime to store the cryptocurrency.

Around this same period, Google Cloud became a Solana validator. The company said it will be running Solana Validator, a block-producer to participate in and validate the Solana network.

In April, the company partnered with Polygon Labs to provide customers with automated access to Polygon blockchain nodes through its fully managed node hosting service. It will also contribute to cloud services that support the blockchain network’s new zkEVM scaling solution.


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