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Vladimir Popov, Russian man identified as victim eaten by a shark in Egypt

A Russian man was traveling in Egypt when he was attacked by a shark and eaten alive. The human body parts were recovered from inside the animal’s intestine. The man, who has been named Vladimir Popov, 23, is seen in a film too terrible to be released dueling the fearsome beast before he finally loses the battle. According to a report by a local media named Al Arabiya, the shark was caught and killed with a club on the beach before being examined by experts, who found Vladimir’s remains in the shark’s intestines.

A statement released by Egypt’s Environment Ministry said “men from the Red Sea Reserves have concluded that ‘it was a tiger shark that attacked a swimmer, which ultimately resulted in the death of the swimmer. Vladimir had gone swimming off one of Egypt’s Red Sea resorts when the beast surfaced in the waters near the city of Hurghada and grabbed him. The location of this incident is near the city of Hurghada. On the sequence which lasts almost a minute, you can see Vladimir suddenly falling into the water. He breaks the surface for a moment then makes frantic efforts to fend off the shark.

The body of the young man, who is currently 23, can be seen swaying in the water, while his legs twirl in the air. As the shark continues to circle and then closes in for another assault, Vladimir shouts “Daddy” and shouts loudly. However, within seconds, the water around him turned a crimson color. Unfortunately, Vladimir’s father was on the beach when his son drowned and he witnessed his son’s tragic death. According to what Yury Popov shared with media source 112, “We went to the beach to relax.” He continued: “Within seconds a shark attacked my son, and it was over in an instant.” What type of assistance are you able to provide? This massacre took place in about twenty seconds, and he was just shot under the sea.

According to Yury, the woman who was dating Vladimir was able to get away from the water. “It’s a terrible thing that the remains of this guy are out there,” the speaker said. I’m shaking. This human being was devoured by the shark in full view of my eyes. Looks like I might need a drink. A woman shared her distress saying, “I feel really bad”, on the Telegram Baza channel. Here is what a witness told the Russian television channel REN-TV: “It happened in an instant. Responders were quick to arrive at the scene. For some inexplicable reason, my first thought was that it was a shark. Almost instantly, I jumped to my feet and started screaming, “Sharks! The sharks!” You must save yourselves! No one has grabbed it yet.”

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