Viral video purportedly showing trans teen’s brutal beating of girl at NY high school sparks bomb threat

A surprising video that seems to indicate a big transgender scholar violently pulling a smaller girl out of a toilet stall at an upstate New York high school and violently punching her whereas dragging her by the hair has gone viral — and apparently resulted in a bomb threat at the school.

Both Greece Arcadia High School and Middle School exterior Rochester had been evacuated for a number of hours Friday after somebody emailed an nameless bomb threat apparently motivated by seeing the video after it was broadly launched Thursday.

“The Greece school district has failed to create a safe learning environment for its students,” learn half of the e-mail, which contained slurs and profanity. “They not only allow but encourage mentally ill and degenerate behavior.”

Greece Central School District Superintendent Kathleen Graupman mentioned a bomb threat was forwarded to the district simply after 6 a.m. after being despatched to WROC Channel 8.

Graupman mentioned the threat was related to the video filmed in February that went viral on social media after the anti-trans information web site Reduxx printed in on X Thursday.

Trans female student at Arcadia High School dragging a smaller girl out of a bathroom stall, punching her and pulling her by her hair
A screengrab of a video that reveals a tall trans feminine scholar at Arcadia High School pulling a smaller girl out of a toilet stall, punching her and dragging her out by her hair WHEC/X
Screenshot of a news report on Greece Arcadia high school resuming classes after a bomb threat related to a viral video of a fight.
The school bomb threat that was despatched over at 6:07 a.m. referencing the viral video of a combat between a trans feminine scholar and a a lot smaller girl. WHEC News 10

“To me, it qualifies as a hate crime,” Graupman mentioned. “To me, I want to work as vigilantly as possible with our authorities to make sure whoever is responsible for this is prosecuted to the fullest extent.”

Graupman mentioned the colleges mobilized quickly after the threat. Greece cops entered the buildings and swept them with the assistance of educated canine, according to WHAM-TV.

“GPD was able to get into the building,” Graupman mentioned. “They assures us that there was no threat, and we could resume classes and get kids back on campus.”

“That fight that occurred was significant and very, very upsetting and disturbing,” Graupman mentioned.

“Our district took swift action with that. That was not an event that didn’t go unnoticed or got swept under the rug. That was an event that was dealt with very specifically and sensitively.”

A brick building with a sign, Greece Arcadia High School, located in upstate NY
Arcadia High School is situated in upstate Greece, NY – a suburb of Rochester. A bomb threat referencing a viral video of a combat between a trans scholar and a smaller feminine briefly evacuated the school early Friday. Google Maps

Cops haven’t but discovered who referred to as within the bomb threat.

“I do think there was very intentional work done to cause harm and damage, and it’s using students and using kids as a pawn in that,” Graupman mentioned. “And that frustrates me and greatly upsets me.”

Graupman didn’t return a name from The Post Saturday.

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