Viral video of a boat accident in Port Miami

Port Miami Boating Accident Video Viral: A tragic incident on the water has resulted in limitations for boats entering and leaving Port Miami. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is investigating what happened.

According to a report from CBS Miami, there was a very sad accident involving a boat. Unfortunately, one person lost his life and another is now in hospital.

The United States Coast Guard shared information about the accident on Twitter. They said they were creating a special zone around Port Miami to keep it safe.

Viral video of a boat accident in Port Miami

CBS Miami also reported that firefighters arrived at the scene around 3 a.m. When they arrived on scene, they discovered that a 30ft long boat had crashed into a ferry from Fisher Island in the waterway.

The ferry crew was able to rescue a very seriously injured person. They took them to Ryder Trauma Hospital, where they are receiving emergency care, according to CBS Miami.

As the injured person was taken to hospital, they told paramedics that their friend was still missing.

The Miami dive team has launched a search and rescue mission for the missing person, as reported by CBS Miami.

Many different groups are now working together to find the missing person and help with the search, according to the report

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