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Vice President Harris’ Remarks on College Athlete Day

UNITED STATES. ~Vice President: Hello, everyone. Good morning. Today is great. Governor Baker, I appreciate your presentation and your leadership. Thank you for serving our country in so many ways. Working with you is always excellent. President Biden, our national champion, thank you for leading and supporting young American leaders. My husband, the Second Gentleman of the United States, and all state and local officials, thank you. First and foremost, congratulations to the nearly 1,000 student-athletes attending this one-of-a-kind event at the White House. (Applause.) Welcome. To welcome. 47 teams from 19 sports and three NCAA levels. Congratulations to all of you and to your family, coaches and friends who have supported you. All thanks. Logan, one of our incredible athletes, will take over. Logan, Division I National Volleyball Player of the Year, you shine. Academic All-Americans shine in the classroom. You lead racial justice. Community leader. You and the Texas Longhorns are national champions. We admire you.

Vice President: Yes. (Laughs.) National champions from all over our beautiful country. (Applause.) Tens of millions of American children play sports. Only the greatest become national champions: you. It was hard. You’ve sacrificed injuries, birthdays, vacations, and even a pandemic to train. You all know about commitment and perseverance. We know that sports teams become families during extended seasons. Relationships last forever. You work together. Your presence makes everyone better. You lead. You inspire. Yes, champions. College athletics has a special way of bringing people together, connecting us to our home states and colleges, family traditions, friends and fellow fans, and something more.

You inspire so many people across our country – people you may never meet – when you step onto the court, not only because of the way you play, but also because of who you are every day. You show us what hard work and ambition can achieve. You can play professionally. Our athletes can participate in the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cups. Whatever you do, you reflect the best of our nation and our communities. Thanks to you, each of you, President Biden and I are optimistic about our country and the future of our world. You remind us that our nation is powerful when we come together, realizing what we have in common. People from all corners of our country, representing all walks of life, are watching you because we know that when we see you, we are at our best when we work together.

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