University of Florida prez tells colleges to take his school’s lead on anti-Israel protests

University of Florida President and ex-Sen. Ben Sasse on Sunday implored colleges to take his school’s lead and stake out a steadiness between free speech and order as anti-Israel protests take campuses by storm.

Sasse, 52, the previous Republican senator from Nebraska, defined that as the pinnacle of the University of Florida, he has drawn the road between free speech and motion.

“I’m a First Amendment zealot,” Sasse informed CNN’s State of the Union.” “We will always defend your right to free speech and free assembly. And also, we have time, place, and manner restrictions.

“You don’t get to take over the whole university. People don’t get to spit at cops, you don’t get to barricade yourselves in buildings. You don’t get to disrupt somebody else’s commencement.”

Ben Sasse
University of Florida President and former Sen. Ben Sasse hailed his faculty as a mannequin of how to tackle the anti-Israel strife on campuses. Getty Images

When protesters chafe in opposition to the establishment’s guidelines, the University of Florida tries to “help them get into compliance with the rules,” Sasse stated, whereas noting his school’s “goal is not to arrest people.”

But when college students cross the road, the college takes motion.

“We just don’t negotiate with people who scream the loudest. It just doesn’t make any sense to me,” he stated.

Anti-Israel protests
Anti-Israel demonstrators conflict with police on the City College Of New York late final month. Getty Images
Anti-Israel protests
An anti-Israel encampment takes over Columbia University in Manhattan final month. AFP through Getty Images

The University of Florida has roughly 6,500 Jewish undergraduate college students, which is about 19% — the most important proportion of any establishment within the nation, in accordance to the Anti-Defamation League.

“I want everybody to feel safe here because I want everybody to be safe here. And I think right now everybody’s safe,” Sasse stated.

Sasse stepped down from the Senate in early 2023. He was one of seven Republicans within the higher chamber who voted to convict former President Donald Trump throughout his second impeachment trial after the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

Anti-Israel protests
The NYPD was compelled to arrest protesters blocking the doorway to Columbia. Getty Images

Sasse additionally previously assailed Trump for his temperament, spending and coziness with dictators.

But when requested for his ideas on the 2024 presidential cycle, Sasse demurred Sunday.

“I’ve made a pledge, and I keep my word. I don’t talk about politics for 36 months,” the senator defined, after the Wall Street Journel reported in January that he stated he had “signed a 36-month pledge of partisan neutrality.”

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