Unhinged attacker lunges at NYC actor just for looking at him — less than a mile from assault on Steve Buscemi

An irate bully attacked an performing scholar just for looking at him on a Manhattan sidewalk Monday – just days after Steve Buscemi was randomly attacked less than a mile away.

The attacker rushed the 25-year-old male sufferer on Seventh Avenue close to West twenty fifth Street in Chelsea at round 10:50 a.m. Monday and whacked him within the head with a bag stuffed full of things leaving the budding actor lined in blood “everywhere,” he informed The Post.

“I just got off the train,” the sufferer mentioned, including he was on his approach to performing class at the time. “I see this guy – I’m wearing my headphones and he’s walking toward me – and we make eye contact.

“He [has] his chin down to almost touching his chest, [and] looking up at me through the tops of his eyes, he says, ‘The f–k you doing?’” the younger man, who wished to stay nameless, mentioned. “And [he] just runs right up to me, like rushes me.”

Google Maps view of 255 7 Avenue.
The attacker lashed out at a random man for looking at him on Seventh Avenue close to West twenty fifth Street in Chelsea, cops mentioned. Google Maps

Video obtained by WABC Tuesday exhibits the second the attacker stopped in his tracks on the sidewalk, lunged at the backpack-wearing sufferer strolling in the other way and walloped him on the facet of the top with a black bag.

The contents of the bag have been unclear Tuesday – however the blow was sufficient to depart the sufferer with a lower on the highest of his head, police mentioned. 

“It felt like a box or the corner of a box hit my head. I was just in fight or flight mode – I kept walking,” the sufferer mentioned in an interview from his dwelling in Queens.

A witness requested the startled actor what occurred, however he mentioned he was so shocked he couldn’t reply.  

Google Maps view of 255 7 Avenue in Chelsea.
The broad-daylight assault left the sufferer with a bleeding lower on his head. Google Maps

“I was in fight-or-flight mode trying to get around it, to avoid it,” he added. “I was in shock.”

It wasn’t till he realized he was bleeding that actuality set in, he mentioned. 

“I touched my head and I was like, ‘Oh that’s blood!’” the sufferer mentioned. “A woman who happened to be a physician handed me a bunch of napkins. And she just said to me, ‘Sit down!’ That’s when I noticed the blood dripping down the side of my face onto my clothes. It was a lot of blood – blood just started getting everywhere.

The attack coming in broad daylight in plain view of passesby left him “shocked and scared,” he mentioned.

“For three seconds I was in full-on fight or flight mode, then I was like, ‘Wait, am I just going to let that guy hit me like this and walk away?’ Then the shock of the blood just sat me right down.”

Cops arrived inside 5 minutes, the sufferer mentioned. 

A employee at the Antalya Convenience retailer close to the scene mentioned he noticed the bloodied sufferer being carted off to the hospital.

“I see blood,” worker David Eli informed The Post. “They just take him straight to the ambulance. It was like his head was bleeding.

“It was like someone hit him in the head.”

The wounded man was taken to Lenox Health Greenwich Village, the place he was listed in secure situation. 

Luckily, the sufferer didn’t endure any mind trauma, he mentioned – however two staples have been wanted to shut up the lower on his head.

The sufferer, who described himself as a “naturally attentive” individual, mentioned he was “much more conscious of the danger down in the subway but not so much up on the street.

“I didn’t consider it a possibility and in retrospect, I feel less safe about getting attacked in the subway than in the street,” he mentioned.  

The suspect fled after the assault and had not been caught by Tuesday night.

The sufferer described his assailant as a man with a darkish complexion, in his late 20s or early 30s, about 6-feet tall and slim, weighing about 130 kilos. 

The glassy-eyed suspect – who might have been below the affect of one thing – was carrying dishevelled black garments and a yellow undershirt, the injured man mentioned.

“I hope they arrest him,” the sufferer mentioned. “I hope he gets charged with assault and that they put them through that process. I’ll do my part in that process. I never assumed someone would straight up assault me for no f—king reason.”

Less than a week earlier, “Boardwalk Empire” actor Steve Buscemi was strolling on Third Avenue close to East twenty seventh Street in Kips Bay Wednesday when a stranger punched him within the face in an unprovoked assault, cops mentioned.

The actor suffered swelling to his face and left eye and was taken to Bellevue Hospital for therapy.

Meanwhile, his deranged assailant took off and remained on the lam Tuesday.

Monday’s sufferer mentioned a feminine cop who responded to his assault informed him she had been on the scene the place Buscemi was attacked final week.

“She was talking to the EMTs while they were trying to deal with the bleeding and they were all saying it’s happening more and more now at least once a day they’re getting called for these attacks,” the sufferer mentioned.

Lazarus Ruiz, 29, a native electrical employee, mentioned he’s been seeing far too many unhinged folks strolling across the space.

“That’s all you see over here,” Ruiz mentioned. “There’s no help for them. It’s going to continue happening until the city or government does something.

“You cannot go somewhere and not see someone crazy,” he added. “Something needs to be done. It’s not fair for the people who wake up every morning and go to work to be worried.

“They need to figure out solutions. The city needs help big time. They need to start arresting them, isolating them and putting them in hospitals to get help.”

The pair of random assaul happened inside the confines of the NYPD’s thirteenth Precinct, which serves a southern portion of Midtown.

Within that precinct’s confines, 78 felony assaults have been reported from the start of this yr by way of Sunday, just two extra than the 76 reported throughout the identical interval final yr, the newest knowledge present.

Misdemeanor assaults jumped to 199 in comparison with 170 throughout the identical interval in 2023, based on the figures.

Citywide, 9,755 felony assaults had been reported to the NYPD from Jan. 1 by way of Sunday, the info present – about a 4% leap from the 9,363 reported throughout the identical interval final yr.

Reports of misdemeanor assaults throughout the Big Apple rose about 6% to fifteen,962 – in comparison with 14,972 year-to-date in 2023.

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