Uh oh! Cougar spotted on same trail as missing zebra wandering North Bend

A cougar has been spotted on the same trail in North Bend the missing zebra was seen wandering on Sunday.

Four zebras have been being transported again to their proprietor in Montana earlier than making their escape when the motive force stopped to safe the trailer. By Sunday night time, three zebras, together with a foal, have been cornered and “wrangled,” in line with the King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) and King County Animal Control, however one zebra, a stallion, stays on the free.

Footage from a North Bend resident’s trail cam that caught the missing zebra additionally caught a cougar patrolling the same space the night time earlier than.

“I have no idea if a cougar would go after a zebra or not, but they definitely go after deer,” Joe, a North Bend resident, advised KIRO Newsradio.

Multiple residents have taken to social media platforms, primarily Facebook, to share what they’ve been listening to or what they’ve seen. According to those Facebook teams, the zebra has been spotted close to and alongside Edgewick Road.

The resident who supplied the cougar footage additionally advised MyNorthwest that the trail cam additionally caught footage of a bear within the same space throughout the final 24 hours.

“I have seen a cougar on the trail. I’ve seen bears. I’ve seen everything out here,” one other resident shared with KIRO Newsradio. “There have been cougar sightings, but they’re pretty rare. More bobcats and cougars.”

“It’s not looking good for the zebra. I mean, zebras are herd animals and this is not a natural environment,” North Bend resident Maeve Eisler advised KIRO Newsradio. “I just hope it does turn up if nothing else for the sake of the zebra.”

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