Trump’s Lawyer Jim Trusty Wife: Family and Net Worth

People want to know about Trump Lawyer Jim Trusty’s wife. Jim Trusty is a former federal prosecutor and partner at Ifrah Law.

Jim Trusty is rightly considered a leader in this profession due to his unparalleled knowledge and unwavering passion for providing excellent legal advice.

With his extensive knowledge of in-house white collar litigation investigations and years of state and federal prosecution expertise under his belt, spanning an astounding 27 years, Jim Trusty holds an accomplished position as a Partner at Ifrah Law PLLC.

Another achievement of Trusty, who has successfully handled several federal agency investigations despite being known primarily for handling white-collar defense issues, is extensive experience in complex commercial litigation.

From 1989 to 1999, he worked as an Assistant State’s Attorney in Montgomery County, diligently investigating numerous cases to develop his legal knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system.

This article aims to provide comprehensive details about Jim Trusty’s wife, family and net worth.

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Trump Lawyer Jim Trusty Wife: Family Details

People want to know more about Jim Trusty Wife. He married longtime sweetheart Laura O’Malley Trusty, who is now his wife. Sadly, on October 28, 2017, his wife passed away.

No information is available on the marital status or professional life of his wife. James is still alone and continues to live with his children after the untimely death of his wife.

Hannah Trusty, Molly Trusty and Caroline Trusty are the three daughters James and Laura have as children. James is also focused on his professional goals right now.

Likewise, he rarely uses social networking sites due to his professional obligations.

Lawyers like James Trusty are often motivated to conceal their family matters for security reasons by a commitment to their work and a desire to preserve their privacy.

The credentials of James Trusty, an accomplished attorney with notable accomplishments in complex corporate disputes, federal agency investigations, and white-collar defense tactics, speak volumes about his abilities.

Jim Trusty net worth details

James Trusty is believed to be worth $5 million in total. She worked professionally in law firms and she amassed this wealth. James was employed at Ifrah Law, PLLC as an Associate.

James started his career soon after graduating, to talk about his professional career.

He first worked for the State’s Attorney’s Office in Montgomery, Maryland from 1989 to 1999, for over a decade.

Similarly, James served as an Assistant United States Attorney from October 1999 to March 2009, almost ten years.

Additionally, Trusty spent over six years as the head of the Department of Justice’s Organized Crime and Gangs Section.

Since January 2017, James Trusty has been a partner at Ifrah Law, PLLC. More than six years have passed since the start of the company’s activities.

James Trusty Parents Details

James Trusty works as an assistant US attorney. Throughout his tenure, he investigated and prosecuted violent crimes like rape, murder, child abuse, human trafficking, and other crimes.

James was also honored by 2022 Chamber USA: White Collar Crime and Government Investigations.

Due to her anonymity, Trusty is a trending topic online. People are looking for information about his biography. James Trusty needs a Wikipedia article despite being a prominent person in the media.

James M. Trusty was born in Washington, DC to his devoted parents. However, the names of his parents have not been discovered in the media. Due to his professional work, he did not disclose any personal information for security reasons.

The internet also did not provide any information about his siblings. James was born in the United States on June 30, 1964.

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