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Trump was waiting for protesters at the courthouse, he has MAGA thugs

MIAMI, FL – People lined up outside the federal courtroom in this city on Tuesday to show their support for former President Donald Trump, to wave the Trump campaign colors and to show prosecutors they face an army of supporters of the “Make America Great Again” movement.

However, if the protesters wanted to show unity and organization, all they managed to do was put up a chaotic display of MAGA glasses, display a pig’s skull on a pole and to close a causeway above an abandoned television. None of these things demonstrate unity and organization.

On Tuesday afternoon, Trump was arraigned on the 37 counts he faces in connection with the alleged unlawful handling of secret documents. These charges stem from allegations that Trump mishandled classified documents. Through a message he posted on social media, President Trump urged his supporters to watch the hearing he was to hold in Miami. The last thing he said was, “SEE YOU IN MIAMI TUESDAY!!! which was the end of the message.

There was only a moderate turnout at the event on Tuesday morning despite attempts by pro-Trump individuals like rapper Forgiato Blow to increase attendance at a 10 a.m. rally. Despite these efforts, the rally had only a moderate number of participants.

The fact that we supported Trump from the very beginning and never changed our minds about Donald Trump is something that I find particularly satisfying in this situation. Hey man, what’s the matter? Blow, real name Kurt Jantz, said this in a video he took outside the courthouse on Tuesday. “The DeSant bosses need to come out here and get along with Trump,” Blow added. He was referring to Ron DeSantis, who is running with Donald Trump for the nomination for governor of Florida on the Republican ticket.

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