Troy Aikman apparently announces the end of his marriage in PDA photos with his new girlfriend

NFL great Troy Aikman has posted a series of steamy photos with a much younger woman – apparently announcing that his marriage to Catherine ‘Capa’ Aikman is over.

The 56-year-old former Dallas Cowboys quarterback was marked by Haley Clark, 34, in several photos of the two cozies, including where she kisses his cheek and touches his thigh.

The couple are on holiday off the Italian Riviera where they were spotted on a sun-drenched yacht and swimming off the luxurious coast of Almalfi – with Troy’s latest wife nowhere in sight.

The apparent budding relationship will come as a shock to most fans as the ex-QB and his second wife, whom he married in 2017, have never announced a separation or divorce publicly.

It’s unclear if the Monday Night Football announcer has even started divorce proceedings, as The Post couldn’t find a record of a filing by either party.

Capa still uses Troy’s last name on social media but the two appear to be living separate lives, based on their social media accounts.

Capa last posted about Aikman on her Instagram profile in February 2020. The photo shows the couple smiling in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Aikman’s last photo with Capa is even older – in May 2019 – while on safari in Africa.

Clark, who was just three years old when Aikman won her first Super Bowl in 1992, is a Dallas-based sales executive and a graduate of Southern Methodist University, she says. according to his LinkedIn profile.

She already seems comfortable with the college-aged girls of Aikman, as they accompanied their father and his new flame on the European getaway.

The three-time Super Bowl champion previously shared snaps from his May-December romance in San Diego.

It’s unclear how long the duo have been an item, as they only recently started tagging each other in photos online.

In February, Clark posted a story on his IG profile with the names ‘Troy’ and ‘Haley’ written on cutlery at a sushi restaurant.

Neither Aikman nor Clark returned the Post’s request for comment.

Aikman was previously married to former Cowboys publicist Rhonda Worthey, who is the mother of two of his two children, but they separated in 2011. He also dated Sandra Bullock.

Aikman, who owns his own beer company, recently made headlines for appearing to criticize Bud Light’s use of trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney to promote his own brand.

“I started ‘EIGHT’ with the goal of creating a company dedicated to making really good light beers,” Aikman said.

“No agenda. No distractions. Just a good f-king beer.

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