Travelers reveal the GRAYEST trip leases they’ve ever seen – from the surprising intercourse dungeon to a moldy scorching tub… and it’s sufficient to place you off Airbnb perpetually!

Sometimes issues don’t reside as much as expectations, as evidenced by these breathtaking trip rental photographs.

Shocked vacationers have taken to social media to share movies and pictures of their substandard lodging choices, with mould, grime and weird room configurations among the many combine.

One Redditor mentioned they obtained greater than they bargained for after they arrived at their Airbnb to find a intercourse dungeon that wasn’t listed and “wasn’t even hidden.” They mentioned it was all “rather strange” after they shared a picture of the room.

Scroll all the way down to feast your eyes on the wacky, bizarre and generally gross facet of trip leases…

‘Dirt, crumbs and hair’

A Editor posted a publish merely titled “Disgusting Airbnb in Quebec City,” with pictures exhibiting the holiday rental’s filthy inside. She mentioned the entire place was filthy

The fridge within the condo didn’t look very appetizing and the Airbnb visitor mentioned ‘every crevice of the mattress was full of dirt, crumbs and hair’

rest room humour

Another Editor mentioned the “decorative plaque” of their Airbnb lavatory “jokes the desperation of running out of toilet paper, and yet there is no toilet paper in this bathroom and nowhere to put it”

Two in a single?

This lavatory in an Airbnb in Oxford, UK, was described by one Editor as ‘truly unique’, with bathe and bathroom in the identical cubicle

X-rated facilities

A vacationer was shocked to discover a ‘weird’ intercourse dungeon of their Airbnb. They defined Reddit that no pictures of the room had been on the itemizing and “it’s not like it’s hidden…strange”

Not so bubble tub

After reserving an Airbnb for his scorching tub, one traveler was not impressed with what they discovered. They additional revealed Reddit that it “smelled horribly and clearly hadn’t been cleaned forever”

Find the distinction

One Airbnb seemed nothing just like the advert, like these side-by-side pictures Reddit present

Fortunately, the traveler didn’t get too upset about his deception. They wrote, “Yeah, it sucked. But we couldn’t help but laugh. We just got a nice hotel that Airbnb paid for’

Left Sea Thing…

A Editor posted this image of a slippery sea just visible, along with the caption: ‘I’ve booked an Airbnb with a sea view… can’t complain’

Wash and go

A traveler’s Airbnb in Helsinki had this bathroom layout. They wrote on Reddit: ‘On the bright side, I could brush my teeth, take a shower and do a number two at the same time’

Abandoned in LA

TikToker @kerbirae said she showed up at her Airbnb in Los Angeles to find it all messy with stains on the carpet, rubbish everywhere and the mattress soiled

Many viewers expressed their horror after watching @kerbirae’s video. One commenter wrote: ‘I hope they didn’t charge more than five bucks for that’

Kitchen riddle

The layout of an Airbnb kitchen left one traveler baffled. They shared a photo of space Reddit and wrote: ‘The oven cannot open further than this point due to the blocking of the counter’

Practical joke?

a Editor visited their friend’s Airbnb and was baffled by this unusual wall feature. They posted an image of it on a thread and asked, “Has anyone seen this before?” It is a joke?’ But commentators had been equally baffled by the fixture

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