Tornado causes minor damage near Joplin, no injuries reported: National Weather Service

A weak twister reported within the neighborhood of Joplin, Missouri precipitated minor damage Thursday afternoon.

Eric Wise, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service workplace in Springfield, stated a short landspout twister was reported within the neighborhood of the Joplin Regional Airport round 1:40 p.m. The twister acquired a preliminary ranking of EF0 and had winds of 60-65 mph, he stated.

No injuries have been reported. Damage experiences included one damaged window, some shingle misplaced on a house and damaged tree limbs, Wise stated. Other funnels have been reported within the space of Lamar and Nashville, Missouri, he stated.

“We appreciate the reports coming in this afternoon of rotation and funnel clouds,” the office said in a social media post Thursday afternoon. “Any funnels that touchdown will be quick to dissipate with little to no damage expected. At this time the environment does NOT support long tracked or strong tornadoes. Remain Weather Aware!”

Joplin was the positioning of one of many deadliest tornadoes in U.S. history, in 2011. An EF5 multi-vortex tornado with winds peaking at 250 mph killed 161 individuals and left behind a swath of damage throughout the neighborhood.

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