Tony Mcphee, founder of Groundhogs, died after a fall at his home

Death of Tony Mcphee – Tony Mcphee, the founder of Groundhogs and British blue boom pioneer, has died. He died aged 79 following a serious fall while at home. Official Groundhogs social media accounts have acknowledged the guitarist’s death. After a fall at home, Tony McPhee, 79, suffered complications and died. He had experienced bouts of poor health in the decade before his stroke in 2009.

Tony Mcphee passed away

His faithful wife Joanna, his children Conan and Vincent, his grandchildren Scarlett and Victor and his beloved sister Olive are the surviving members of his family. Tony McPhee co-founded the Groundhogs as a teenager after falling in love with music at an early age. The group, which had a natural affinity for the blues, was welcomed by the emerging Mod movement and played an important role in the British R&B boom. Hard-hitting touring band The Groundhogs have made a grand entrance into the rock era.

The band became an important figure in the counterculture by turning their Chicago blues origins into something harder and uniquely their own. They also developed a strong cult following which propelled them into the UK Top 10 with three different album releases.

Tony Mcphee’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be posted by family members

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