Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 11 Recap and Ending, Explained


In ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl’ or ‘Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!‘ episode 11 titled ‘My First Part-Time Job & The Abandoned Cinderella,’ the titular protagonist felt that she didn’t find the money for to buy presents for Junichirou. That’s why she found a part-time job and apparently Carol and Misuzu moreover joined her to help her out. Although points are going simply between Tomo and Junichirou, she wished to take the next step. When she sought Misuzu’s help for a related, the latter realized that she had been subconsciously pushing Tomo and Junichirou away. Here’s the whole thing it’s advisable know regarding the ending of ‘Tomo-chan Is a Girl’ episode 11. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 11 Recap

One uncommon day at school, Tomo approached Misuzu and suggested her about her plans to start working. It appears that Junichiour’s birthday was coming and he or she wished to buy him a present. Since she didn’t find the money for, a part-time job appeared like a excellent selection. Interestingly, Misuzu and Carol volunteered to work alongside her to provide her their help. The three mates didn’t ought to try too exhausting to find a job since Tatsumi already had one factor on his ideas.

Tatsumi took the trio to his family restaurant the place they met his father. It appears that his mother was in the mean time not inside the metropolis, so his father needed help to run the enterprise. He opened the three women with open arms and so that they moreover gave their best. The restaurant flourished with the three of them spherical and the patrons flocked to purchase. But eventually, Tomo was shocked when she found Junichirou there.

It appears that he visits the restaurant as quickly as every week, which infuriates Tomo since Tatsumi under no circumstances suggested her one thing about it. After receiving their hard-earned money, the three mates are jubilant. Tomo later buys a look forward to Junichirou and supplies it to him on his birthday. Although points are going very simply with him presently, Tomo feels that they need to take a step further.

However, the titular protagonist has totally didn’t do one thing on her private. That’s why she asks for Misuzu’s help, who comes up with a wierd idea. She tells Tomo to catch Junichirou after she pushes him down the steps, with the hope that this could unintentionally end in romantic bodily contact between the two. But points go horribly incorrect as Junichirou ends up touching Carol inappropriately.

Tomo-chan Is a Girl Episode 11 Ending: Why Does Misuzu Avoid Tomo? Why is She Mad At Her Friends?

One morning, Tomo awoke and observed that it was raining cats and canines. However, she nonetheless went to highschool. There she met Carol nonetheless was concerned when she seen that Misuzu was nowhere to be found. When Tomo talked about her with Carol, she found that Misuzu shouldn’t be successfully and gained’t be coming to highschool within the current day. It was pretty stunning for Tomo that Misuzu didn’t inform her one thing nonetheless contacted Carol.

Later that day, her class started preparing for a play on Cinderella for the Cultural pageant. Three days later, Misuzu nonetheless didn’t go to the varsity as she was too ashamed to face Tomo after realizing that she had subconsciously always pushed her and Junichirou away. As she was blaming herself for the whole thing in her mattress, Misuzu felt that there was someone on the window. When she eradicated the curtains, she was shocked to hunt out Tomo standing there.

Tomo has launched sweets for Misuzu, hoping that it’s going to make her actually really feel increased. She moreover didn’t preserve once more and confronted her buddy about their bitter relationship. However, Tomo was mature enough to tell Misuzu that it was okay if she didn’t like her anymore. She moreover claimed that she was joyful that she had been getting nearer to Carol presently. Before she left, Tomo handed over the script to the Cinderella play and suggested Misuzu that she has been chosen to play the operate of the titular protagonist.

The following day, Misuzu went once more to highschool and scolded her mates for selecting her to play Cinderella. As the class prepared for the Cultural pageant, Junichirou seen that one factor was bothering Misuzu. He urged her to face the state of affairs head-on and was pretty assured that points will work out lastly. Misuzu didn’t like that and suggested him to ideas his private enterprise. Interestingly, points did appear to normalize between Tomo and Misuzu.

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