Tom Peebles Great Prairie Death and Obituary, CEO of Solenergy Systems Inc

Tommy Peebles is a real estate litigation attorney in Holland & Knight’s Nashville office. Mr. Peebles focuses on the important issues.

When it comes to important estate or sentencing issues, the landowner and the sentencing authority trust Mr. Peebles to provide a fair and just solution. He respects that acquiring land through vital territory can be an emotional situation and adopts an easy-going and caring attitude. Both the landowner and the sentencing authority understood that his main objective was to obtain fair compensation.

Mr. Peebles represents both parties on a wide range of important matters and advises on all aspects of a particular project, including site selection, construction and operation. Customers who turn to him for help come from a variety of industries, including airports, gas, power, roads and wastewater.

Businesses and individuals also benefit from Mr. Peebles’ extensive experience in complex workers’ compensation cases and real estate litigation.

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