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Miranda (Taylor) Cosgrove is known for her television career, particularly for her work in comedy-drama productions, commercials, and animation. The American actress, singer and songwriter was on Forbes magazine’s “30 Under 30” list last year (2022).

Miranda comes from a small family and she has rarely spoken or shown it to her fans. So, in this article, we are going to tell you everything about his dad and also a little about his mom.

Meet Tom Cosgrove, father of Miranda Cosgrove

Despite Miranda Cosgrove’s growing fame over the years, little is heard about her parents, including her father. Here’s what we just learned about him.

Miranda’s father is Tom Cosgrove. He’s a proud father, you could say. But there was a time, in the early days of Miranda’s career, when they were genuinely skeptical of her entering the entertainment industry. They never thought their daughter would at some point be the second highest paid child actor on television.

Miranda was only three years old when she was discovered by a talent agent while singing and dancing at the restaurant in Los Angeles Taste of LA She was with her parents of course. The agent approached them and told them about Miranda’s potential, and gave them his contacts.

Anyway, speaking of Miranda and her father’s relationship in particular, they’ve been “best friends” since the day she was born (May 14, 1993). “I’m so lucky to have this guy as my dad,” Miranda has repeatedly said on social media. Miranda also gushed about his “hilarious” dad helping him learn his lines at dawn, his lobster cooking and him always being ready with his toolbox to fix anything, hilarious dad.

Is Tom Cosgrove still married to Miranda Cosgrove’s mother?

Yes. In 2023, it looked like Tom Cosgrove was still married to Miranda’s mother, Criss (née Casey).

Speaking of Criss, she is the daughter of William F. Casey, aka Bill, (died December 2010) and Ann from Downey, California. His grandparents William and Mary Casey were also from California (Clovis).

Together, Criss and Tom contributed to their daughter’s Irish, English and French descent.

Growing up as a child actor, Miranda spent more time with her parents than any average teenager because she had to be escorted by one of them while working. So, she always thought she would be happy to get away from them after joining the University of California. But, the opposite happened. After moving, Miranda really missed them. At first it was exciting, but quickly became boring. So, during her time at college, she divided her time between her house and her parents’ house. And once her studies were finished, she started living with them again.

Together Tom, Criss and Miranda are a family of three. Miranda has said it more than once, that she is an only child and was homeschooled from the sixth grade.

Age of Tom Cosgrove

Tom Alan Cosgrove was born in 1951. He therefore reached the age of 71 in 2022.

As for his wife Criss, AKA Christina J Cosgrove or even Chris, she turned 69 in 2022.

Employment of Tom Cosgrove

Tom Cosgrove, having studied at Harvard University, has always been in the dry cleaning business, it seems. He continues to be the owner of the company called Crestmont Dry Cleaners which is located at 2255 Foothill Boulevard, La Canada Flintridge, California.

On his Facebook, Tom also mentions being the star manager of the Nickelodeon channel. Alongside, he also quoted “I’m taking care of my daughter, Miranda.”

Meanwhile, Tom’s wife was reportedly a housewife.

Is Tom Cosgrove on Instagram?

Tom Cosgrove wasn’t on Instagram in 2023. But, you could find him on a ‘Tom Cosgrove’ Facebook. Even here though, the last time he updated his profile picture was in 2012.

Related FAQs

  • When is Tom Cosgrove’s birthday?

Tom Cosgrove’s birthday is in July. What day exactly was not known however.

His wife Criss also celebrates her birthday in the same month.

  • Where is Tom Cosgrove from?

Tom Cosgrove is from Downey, California. Since 2023 however, he resided in Los Angeles, California.

  • Who are Tom Cosgrove’s parents?

As of this writing, nothing is understood about Tom Cosgrove’s parents. So let us instead tell you a few things about his deceased in-laws.

Tom’s stepmother is Lois Ann Casey. She died on November 21, 2015, at her home in Seal Beach, California, at the age of 83. She was born in Okemah, Oklahoma, and was married to her husband, William Casey, for 60 years. They lived in Downey, California, where they raised their family.

Lois, specifically, began a successful career at age 40, working with the California Field Ironworkers as a medical claims manager, after raising her family. She also loved being a grandmother, gardening and her daily walk.

Speaking of William, he grew up on a farm on Shepherd and Willow Avenue with his five siblings, John Casey of Fresno, Mary Abate (deceased), Helen Casey of Fresno, Phil Casey of Indianapolis, In. and Nora Casey Garcia of Fresno. He went to Garfield Elementary School, Clovis High School, graduated in 1951 and worked at Crowell’s Garage in Clovis, California. Then, between 1953 and 1956, he served in the American army in Korea. He settled in Downey, California, where he owned and operated Casey’s Automotive Service in South Gate.


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