This SC couple just held a dinner party with only cicadas on the menu. Watch the taste testing

Josh Wicker requested his spouse and 7 associates to dress up of their best whimsical apparel and are available over for a dinner party of specifically ready cicadas.

Yep, you heard that proper. Cicadas.

And all of them went.

In reality, Wicker, who lives in Greenwood, mentioned he had many extra individuals who needed to eat cicadas than he might accommodate for his YouTube channel “Y’all, Be Lookin.”

The channel is called for Wicker’s dad who normally took the good distance house from consuming out to see what they may see alongside the backroads of Sanford, North Carolina. The treks instilled in Wicker an curiosity in wildlife biology, which he studied at Erskine College and the place he met his spouse, now a doctor.

Josh Wicker had a trash can available just in case.Josh Wicker had a trash can available just in case.

Josh Wicker had a trash can out there just in case.

He launched the video saying, “Today we’re going to be eating cicadas … and we have trash cans.”

Wicker mentioned he thought a video on cicada eating would draw consideration to the reality that individuals throughout the world eat very various things.

He additionally knew he wanted to spice issues up a bit for his Southern company.

Enter cicadas in a blanket, bacon-wrapped cicadas, Cajun fried cicadas and the really impressed praline cicadas (like Stuckeys however not).

Most of Josh Wicker’s guests enjoyed the bacon wrapped cicada.Most of Josh Wicker’s guests enjoyed the bacon wrapped cicada.

Most of Josh Wicker’s company loved the bacon wrapped cicada.

“Lipstick on a pig,” he mentioned.

Wicker collected the bugs after they molted however earlier than their our bodies hardened and killed them in the freezer. They have been simple to seek out what with the invasion of the 13-year Brood XIX underway now.

The associates have been two physicians, a highschool principal, a woodworker, a buddy from his board sport group, a buddy of his spouse and a 10-year-old who introduced impeccable comedic timing to spitting the so-called meals into the trash can.

(At least he tried it.)

Cajun fried was one of four ways cicadas were served.Cajun fried was one of four ways cicadas were served.

Cajun fried was certainly one of 4 methods cicadas have been served.

The company rated the varied types of insect preparation from two to 10, with most getting a 5. Guests described the bugs variously as tasting like peanut butter, baklava and jerky. The pralines have been positively the star.

Nigel, the woodworker, puzzled if he ought to eat the face or butt finish first. He selected butt.

Mary Hart, Wicker’s spouse, who mentioned she had eaten termites and rooster intestines earlier than, mentioned, “What is wrong with me? Honestly, I don’t hate any of these.”

Her buddy, Lauren, was the only one who really gagged.

Austin, the principal, mentioned. “I think I tasted bug.”

But the piece de resistance was left to Wicker himself, when at the finish of the video he eats a live cicada.

“It was pretty terrible,” he mentioned. ”Gagged fairly dangerous on the wings.”

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