‘This note broke our heart.’ SC shelter shares message about kids’ beloved dog

“We love you Rhoudy.”

Those phrases, scrawled in a toddler’s handwriting, stuffed a touching note left with a dog at a South Carolina animal shelter. The note additionally was adorned with drawings of hearts and a noticed dog resembling the real-life pup named Rhoudy, photographs present.

“I will miss you Rhoudy,” the note continued. “But (you’re) going home!”

The Greenville Humane Society mentioned its employees, accustomed to coping with pets in heart-wrenching conditions, had been left emotional after studying the letter.

“This note broke our heart,” the shelter advised McClatchy News in a May 2 e mail. “We knew we had to post a response for the children, in the very small chance they might see it. We wanted them to know that he is in great hands and we’ll take care of him.”

So, the shelter shared its response on social media, addressing it to the kids who cared about Rhoudy a lot.

“We got your note,” the humane society wrote May 1 on Facebook. “We know how hard it was to say goodbye. But you were so brave and so strong. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made, but he knows how much you love him.”

The shelter additionally addressed the kid’s hope that Rhoudy would discover a loving dwelling.

“He will find a person to love him just as much as you do,” the shelter wrote. “That’s a promise we will make to you. Just promise that you will always love him. Promise that you’ll always remember the happy times you had with him. Because those are so important.”

Rhoudy’s story resonated with a whole lot of Facebook and Instagram customers, together with a number of that mentioned they had been left crying. The tear-jerking note was discovered with the dog’s favourite toys when he was transferred to the shelter from one other facility.

“We aren’t sure of why he was originally surrendered, but we wanted to reassure the little ones that love him so much know we’ll take such good care of him,” the shelter advised WHNS.

As of May 2, a web-based adoption profile confirmed the 3-year-old blended breed dog was nonetheless in need of a home. More particulars about the shelter’s adoption course of could be discovered at

“He’s so very sweet,” the animal group wrote. “He’s still a little bit shy with us but he is opening up slowly. He loves playing rough and rowdy with other dogs and absolutely adores children.”

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