This Florida beach is the Shark Tooth Capital. Here’s how to find them

In addition to housing the lighting strike and shark bite capitals, Florida additionally residence to the “Shark Tooth Capital of the World.”

Venice is a prime vacation spot spot for beachgoers, shark fans and fossil collectors alike, hoping to rating some toothed treasure alongside the coast.

Want to go hunting for shark teeth subsequent time you are in Venice or in Florida? Here’s what the learn about shark tooth and when to go looking for them.

Where is Venice, Florida?

Venice is situated on Florida’s west coast in Sarasota County. It has 14 miles of seashores from Casey Key to Manasota Key.

Why does Venice, Caspersen and different seashores have so many shark tooth?

Sharks shed between 30,000 and 50,000 tooth of their lifetime, giving loads of alternatives to find some at the beach. The gulf seashores round Venice have develop into a goldmine for fossilized shark tooth, however why?

When Florida was underwater 10 million years in the past, it was stuffed with sharks, and the coastal space that Venice sits on fossil layer that expands up to 35-feet deep, in accordance to Visit Sarasota web site.

They additional defined that over time, as the water receded giving method to land, the prehistoric sharks died. Their skeletons disintegrated, however their fossilized tooth remained. Erosion of the beach shoreline has uncovered the tooth and different fossils over the years.

How previous are shark’s tooth you usually find on the beach?

According to Oceanographic Magazine, the fossilized shark tooth on the beach are estimated to be between 2 to 35 million years previous spanning the Pliocene to Miocene Epoch.

Can you find Megalodon tooth on Venice Beach?

One of the largest predators to grace our planet, otodus megalodon was an unlimited shark that dominated the oceans till changing into extinct simply 3.6 million years in the past, in accordance to the National History Museum. The prehistoric shark was about 3 times bigger than the modern-day nice white shark, with the largest megalodons roughly 60-feet in size and weighing up to 50 tons.

And you would possibly have the opportunity to find its tooth on Venice Beach.

Last yr, an skilled Florida diver found a 6.25-inch long megalodon tooth whereas shark tooth looking in Venice. Michael Nastasio advised USA Today it took him years to find a shark tooth that giant.

The large prehistoric sharks would come to Venice to mate, not to eat, making a big tooth a uncommon find. Only 6 megalodon tooth had been present in the space the yr prior.

What is the secret to discovering sharks tooth?

10/30/04: Rick George of Cape Coral shows a fossilized megalodon tooth he found in the "bone yard" in 30 feet of water off Venice Beach while diving with his wife, Heidi. (Photo by Willie Howard)10/30/04: Rick George of Cape Coral shows a fossilized megalodon tooth he found in the "bone yard" in 30 feet of water off Venice Beach while diving with his wife, Heidi. (Photo by Willie Howard)

10/30/04: Rick George of Cape Coral reveals a fossilized megalodon tooth he present in the “bone yard” in 30 toes of water off Venice Beach whereas diving along with his spouse, Heidi. (Photo by Willie Howard)

The greatest time to search for shark tooth is simply after a storm when the waves expose a brand new layer of sand. Once you will have all of your gear, stroll to the shoreline the place the waves are crashing. While the waves break, scoop up the sifter a couple of toes into the water and kind by way of the sand and shells for a clean, shark tooth.

H. Cliff Harrison, a senior hydrogeologist for Sarasota County Public Utilities, notes that the best beaches for finding shark teeth are the seashores with a big quantity of “black sand” or “dark sand” combined in with the common white quartz sand.

“When you find a beach that is dark enough that the sand is too hot to walk on barefoot in the summer, you are likely on a good beach. All those small black grains are actually phosphate and small particles offossilized bone and teeth,” he wrote.

What are the greatest instruments to use to find shark tooth?

Last yr, the Herald-Tribune tracked down the greatest gear for monitoring down shark tooth:

  • Hat and sunscreen for solar safety

  • Bucket or bag for shark tooth finds

  • Sifter if onshore looking

  • Scuba or diving tools if offshore looking

Contributing reporting: Melissa Pérez-Carrillo, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

This article initially appeared on Fort Myers News-Press: Shark tooth ‘Capital’ of the world is in Florida. Where is Venice?

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